Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sublime Stars!

In my plodding along, (!!!) I am slowly getting my new quilt top appliquéd!  YEP! This baby is called SUBLIME STARS!

I am quite slow on my appliqué projects... I only work on them at night, when I don't have binding to do...I must have a some netflix to watch to make the time go by faster!  I think It will be my take along project not his road trip coming up...

And guess what? This quilt is made with my new Stretch Hex and Tumbler Set! 
SO MANY OPTIONS!!! Keep on reading for more goodness!
Find these in my shop here.

One of the classes I am teaching is using my two new templates...
This post is showing you all the options and FUN we will be having in this class!

This quilt is now finished,  and off to be quilted by my friend Shelly, as I am still without my long arm... I used only the Stretch Hex template here... and made the entire quilt out of my scrap bins.  Yes it is wide, Y seams, and actually, goes to gather quite quickly, one you get your groove on.  ( it each the tricks... don't be Scared!  I then hand appliquéd it down on that fabulous yellow background... Mmmmmm, it sure looks good. I can't wait to snuggle up under it. it took my 12 hours alone to hand appliqué it to the background... you could just cut it and square it up... but I love the crazy shapes...

 Here I was mixing different blocks into the quilt with the Stretch hex and Tumbler, together.
The big shape is fun to see what else you can put into that space... PLAY IT UP...

And this was the "in progress shot" of my SUBLIME stars! I love seeing how many different ways I can use my templates together. This will soon be a class as well, but for now... We focus not eh two shapes, and I hope I see you at QUILTCON WEST, so I can show you all the options!!

I will do another post this week on the second class I am teaching at QuiltCon later this week...

Stay tuned!

OH! And... These are now in Stock in my shop!!
my NEW Aurifil 12 wt large spool set! 
Don't drool on the keyboard. Squeal! Yummy, right?

Aurifil has a nice blog post up on them here.


  1. What a super idea - stretched hexies!!! Love it but only wish it were possible to have these as a die to use in my Accuquilt.

  2. I would like to spend one day as a fly on the wall of your brain, Victoria. The ideas just keep coming and I never know what will be next!

    On second thought, maybe a short burst of time, maybe 10 minutes or so, would be all I could manage in that overwhelming space....

  3. This class is my number 1 "want" ...will I be quick enough? Hope so!

  4. What fun those stars are and your new templates. And LOVE that thread. Sorry, have to wipe the drool from the keyboard!

  5. Love, love, love! If - and that's a BIF If - I get to Pasadena, it'll be for lectures only, no classes. How do people travel across the country to take quilt classes? When I go to quilt, I bring a whole car load of stuff. Sewing machine, iron, cutting mat, rulers, all kinds of other notions, and a ton of fabric. You can't possibly bring all that stuff on an airplane, but surely not everybody drives across the country?


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