Monday, June 1, 2015

plodding along...

Been quiet over here... I know... Trying to take quiet time, find some balance between other parts of my life I love...

like: cooking, gardening, and lying in my hammock with my hubby at our Long Island home....and

Taking my daughter to the Taste of Times Square so we can eat lots of yummy food...even if it's raining...


I've also head my head down, banging out work before I go back to The International Quilt Study Center & Museum,  to teach, see my quilt babies again,  and I'm a new advisory board member! So we have a board meeting...

Then back to NYC to pack so I can drive to TEXAS!
Yes! I am heading to Texas for the entire month of July. I can hear you all now, JULY? TEXAS?  HOT!!
 :-) I love the heat. I hate the cold...

Many other changes going on around here... Hoping later this week to provide photos! Currently everything is a bit of a mess around here... My Home Classroom, is being reorganized.. I still have it, but my "ROOM" is now  my Office & Storage and shipping department! This photo below is INTENTIONALLY BLURRY... So you can't quite see what a mess it truly is...  LOL!

It will take shape soon...

I hold the classes in my main loft space, so have no fear.. If you are coming to NY, and want to set up a class, shoot me an email, although, there will be no classes here until the fall... cuz' I won't be here!

Summer always means a road trip for work, and then Family time at my house, in August...
Although, yes, in August I am teaching a five day workshop at

MISA, Madeline Island School of Art... This one exception this year...I can't wait!

Five day class? on Double Wedding Rings?

Why would you want to do a five day class?

I can give you FIVE reasons...

1. ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!  I have five days to get my hands on you.
If you have ever had a class with me, you'd know my classes are very improvisational (Even on Traditional Patterns), and your own creative path is highly suggested. Make your OWN vision! I provide you EYES in which to see new details, chat about color, change, techniques to add, etc. I want youth leave there with  your own list(preferences) of skills mastered...

2. CALM THOSE FEARS. I'm there to guide you on the Double wedding ring journey. I show you the skills, tips and tricks you need to loose fear about challenging the pattern.  ( hint* they are not hard...just patience builders... and who doesn't need more patience?)

3. MAKE CONNECTIONS... Quilting is a community... five days is a bonding experience... We all need community.

4. BRING IT ON!....The class allows you to tackle any double wedding ring in my book that has a pattern...pick your favorite, make two if you want... I'm game, if you are!

5. RELAX, INDULGE, ABSORB. Having lived in Duluth, Minnesota, just before moving to New York City, I can tell you Lake Superior is my most favorite beautiful place...It's spectacularly beautiful...Did I say Beautiful??
Have you googled the Apostle Islands?  Have you seen how cute Bayfield is? I've been there for the Apple Festival...way back when I had hair....long hair...
(Thankfully in my mess, I can't find the proof.) hehe.

So, does that bring you up to speed over here? Perhaps I will see some of you in the next month.. Either in Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin...or somewhere in between NYC and Texas! Like Chattanooga and New Orleans!  Beatrice is coming along with me, so we hope to take a few stops along the way! If you have tips of anything I must see on my route down to Texas, Please let me know!!
;-) I'm about fall asleep at my keyboard, so I best call it a night...

Come sew in August.. We will have SEW, SO MUCH FUN!



  1. Your summer plans sound great, although it will be seriously hot in Texas.

  2. I lived near Bayfield when I was a small child and went back a couple years ago to visit the area - loved the Apostle Islands - beautiful - Duluth is pretty too -- we lived in Ashland WI when I was little. have fun in Texas.

  3. Could you be any busier? Have a wonderful time on all your adventures this summer!

  4. Texas is my home state! Almost all of our family is still there. LOTS to see and do in Texas! Have fun! We visited Bayfield and the Apostle Islands several years ago. Great place we hope to visit again one day.


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