Friday, March 27, 2015

CA round up.

HELLO FROM California!  Beatrice and I had one week to play! ...and PLAY we did!!!  I had one day of work to shoot videos for Sizzix, but other then that, we were soaking up the sun, strolling the beach, visiting cute towns, Like San Juan Capistrano, and walking through the Mission.... eating really great food, shopping, and any other fun thing we could get into!

We also scooted up to LA,visited Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Getty Museum, and Universal Studios...  SO MUCH FUN!!   I wish I could pack the SUN in to my suitcase, and take this weather back to NYC with me!
It's been an extremely lovely trip with my daughter.... Memories!!!

38 degrees tomorrow...


Meg Cox, Quilt Journalist tells all, newsletter has a story on me, and she is giving away my new book, a couple of my templates and a 6 month subscription to Creativebug.... If you haven't signed up for her newsletter yet, please do! Enter the contest through her newsletter.

We fly home tomorrow(Saturday) ... I may try to hop down to the EMPIRE QUILT SHOW(Saturday) late afternoon, if we get in on time... If not Saturday, then for sure on SUNDAY, With my family in tow!
Wish me a Happy Birthday Sunday! woot!!


  1. Have a great trip home and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Looks like an excellent time was had with mother and daughter. Geez, she's almost as tall as you!

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Victoria. I am glad that you and Beatrice had fun in California.

  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday!! Looks like a fun trip to the west coast.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY V!!! Hope your day was LOVELY!

  5. Hope your day was as amazing as your quilts!!


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