Friday, February 27, 2015


Hi Quilters!!!
I'm happy to announce a NEW CHALLENGE partnered with Sizzix and my new quilting dies with them!
These Quilting DIES are DIFFERENT then patterns in my book, completely separate tool... do not be confused...  :-)

This is a Sizzix Die Cut Challenge (only) using one or more of my three dies, shown above

+plus any other Sizzix dies, such as the Double Wedding Ring,

to use as you like to design a Challenge quilt!

No one side can be longer than 50"
Must have a 3" quilt sleeve
Must have a  label with makers name, address, phone number, and email on the quilt.
A "Quilt" means a top, batting and backing, quilted and bound.
 more info at the SIZZIX PAGE HERE

The Winner receives a Sizzix Big shot pro machine and a $500 Sizzix Gift Card!

The idea here is you can do whatever YOU WANT to with the shapes... 

You don't have to piece it as you normally do, get creative, how else can you use the shapes?  No rules on how you use them!

Cut them up? 
Add other blocks?
Add orphan?
Change them? 
Piece them? 
Use them all together?
Add other shapes and piecing to go with them! 
The SKY IS THE LIMIT! Surprise me! CUT IT UP!  ;-)

Don't have the dies or a Big Shot pro machine? (no worries, that's why we are giving one away!)

You can REQUEST the shapes/machines at your local quilt shop. You don't have to OWN them to participate... (Hence you winning an entire machine and package!)
Ask your friends if they have the machine and dies,and  make a Sizzix party out of it! A good excuse to get together with friends!
Did you cut some fabric up at QuiltCon? use those pieces as your templates, and off you go!

A great way to get you thinking outside the box! GO PLAY!

All the details you need are listed on the website,
Click here.

HASHTAG YOUR works in progress! #Sizzixquiltchallenge

Complete Rules For Sizzix Victoria Findlay Wolfe Die Quilt Challenge

Contest begins January 15, 2015
· Entry must include two photographs (full quilt and close up) and be received by 11:59 p.m. PST, June 30, 2015. No late entries accepted. 
· Finalists will be chosen and notified by email on July 8, 2015. Finalists must ship quilt for final review to be received in Lake Forest, CA no later than July 22, 2015. 
· Grand Prize will be awarded by July 31, 2015. 
· One or more of Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s dies (Bigz Pro Wave, Double Wedding Ring Tulip or Double Wedding Ring Large Melon) must be used on front of the quilt. Use of the Bigz Pro Double Wedding Ring Tulip or the Bigz Pro Double Wedding Ring Large Melon Die requires the use of the Double Wedding Ring die. 
· A “Quilt” means a top, batting and a backing, quilted with binding. 
· No one side may measure more than 50" long. Quilt must be able to be hung with a 3" sleeve on the back. 
· Grand Prize winner receives a Sizzix Gift Card valued at $500 and a Big Shot Pro Machine. 
· Quilt Finalist entries must be labeled with name, mailing address, phone number, email and name of quilt. 
· Please note that Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Bigz Pro dies were designed to work in the Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine. However, they will also work in other die-cutting machines with a 12" wide opening or larger. Check your local quilt store’s die-cutting center for availability.


  1. I don't know anyone with a Sizzix machine, or, I'd borrow it for the mellon shape. I just found a pattern (and fabric) that uses that shape, but, I'll have to trace it instead. Oh well.

    1. Cheryl, it must be my shape, not something else... You can request your LQS to carry it...,


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