Saturday, February 28, 2015

QuiltCon class wrap up...

Classes at QuiltCon!

I'm slow to getting all my images up online! I came home Monday, and was so happy to just be home for a couple of weeks that I jumped straight into the studio to sew!  So my poor blog got neglected!   Sorry! 
Also, before I could SEW, I had to CLEAN... blah.
And if you are like me, cleaning leads to starting many new projects, which are not on the TO DO LIST....  Squirrel!
I had to clean, as my new studio which was being photographed for Quiltmania's new mag (coming in JUNE), and I left the studio in a whirlwind mess before QuiltCon... So, now, it's all nice looking again, but we know that only lasts a day...  LOL!

So. Quiltcon classes!! I taught my Strings of Florid Blooms quilt, which you saw me whip up a second version fo the quilt 2.5 days before I left for QuiltCon. (hence the whirlwind mess left in my studio...who has time to fold fabric?)

The best part of teaching this class is seeing what kind of fabrics people bring to PLAY with!
We had:

30's fabrics with hot pink solids. (ADORABLE!! great spin on 30's prints))

Solids ( fabulously modern)

Polka dots (you know how I feel about dots!!! LOVE!)

Essex linen and various fabulous  prints... ( swoon!)

Greys and yellow scrappy ( love me something scrappy)

Blacks and whites... ( super cool)

Beige and light blue with white.. (stunning!)

Greens and blues... you name it... the combinations were just glorious to see and fun to watch come together! I go over a few tricks to piecing this quilt, which, when you master them, makes this quito grow very quickly!  One "Bloom" is 30" square, so 9 blooms is king size...
The pattern is in my New Double Wedding Ring book: Traditions Made Modern and seen in 3 variations... Check out Retro Poly Mod, Bright Lights, Big City, Strings of Florid Blooms in the book, and the pattern pieces are included in the back of the book on a traceable pull out.

 If you ar eon Instagram you can follow me at Victoria findlay Wolfe... if you check hash tags, check #15minutesofplay   #floridbloomsclass  #victoriafindlaywolfe  for more photos of inspiration!  If you have taken any of my classes, please hash tag your images to these classes so we can all be inspired!  Thanks!

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts (Business page)

Next I taught my 15 Minutes of PLAY class...
I LOVE teaching this class... I do many skill building tips tricks and techniques in this class, and as I show them, I just watch and wait for the lightbulb moment sot be going off... Eyes light up, oohs and ahhs! happen, and ideas start to formulate!  Then, people are off and running and things start taking shape!
Y- Seams are learned and tackled.... new shapes and color combinations are explored... Whites and lights with neon reds and yellows! Spectacular!!

Color and prints are tested and tried... manipulation, new tools to play with....  BOOM! Ideas swirl around the room... The biggest joy to me in this class was meeting several bloggers I have followed from day one, who took my class.  Such a real treat to meet, and spend time with the quilters I've admired by reading their blogs over the years!
Like Stephanie, and Kristin....  Fabulous days...I tell ya... all fun & fabulous days...

That's it for today!  More to come, on all the fun,  from QuiltCon!

Thank you to Latifah Saafir for being my Janome machine classroom helper.
My Quiltcon Volunteer helpers, Moda for giving me fabrics for my class, and Melody from Sizzix for taking so many great photos!

You maybe seeing a few of these running around soon, too! Got yours?
 If you have had my workshop, you would know my "Mantra" well!
Also, I added more of my template line to my website... a few at a time!  


  1. I am waiting for a West coast swing ! I liove your books so much and all the inspiration with this big bloom block!

  2. The 15MP class was so much fun, a QC highlight. Big star and dresden points from class are now up on my design wall, urging me to make more... and there's definitely a scrappy-wild Florid Blooms something in my future. Love the DWR book, so full of inspiration!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Victoria! It was lovely to meet you and the class was lots of fun.

  4. Oh such fun! If i could've gotten into your classes, I would've been there!

  5. Thanks for posting these super colourful shots of wip at your classes. Just love thr bright stars.


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