Tuesday, February 24, 2015

HOME from QuiltCon!

I'm home from Quiltcon! What a FUN weekend!!! BUSY too! I did not even get around to see all the quilts, But I can tell you my favorite was Melissa Averinos quilt above! 
And she rcvd Judges Choice!!
Isn't it so fun? As soon as I saw her working on it, I knew this would bring home a ribbon.. No doubt in my mind. It's just so fun... It brings her artistic side alive in her design...

It was great fun to meet her in person too. We've followed each other on our blogs and FB for a long time... so meeting face to face, with her and SO MANY OTHERS, is about the coolest thing...

Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm there to work and teach and lecture, but meeting all you awesome quilters, is just so much fun!
I'll share more about my classes later this week,  Today I just wanted to pop in and say hi, and thank my pal Encyclopedia for having FUN with me! 

Here's  a shot of my quilt hanging, "Lost and Found in Translation"  It started off as one of Sherri lynn Woods "scores" then it was abandoned, as I was stuck on the improv rules, and on where else it needed to "go." It didn't gel enough, as it was... ( the colorful part without the double wedding rings...)   

It's not often that I struggle with where a quilt design will go to. I had to get the rules out of my head, so I put it aside for a while...
 I also like a quilt that has a story attached, and at the time of the play with the score, it was just fabric with nothing to tell...
I started to think about that struggle of that process, where, you have to think, ponder, stare at for long periods of times, pull your hair out over it, until the final answer or design is reached.  It took a few months, before I came to the studio one day, found a bunch of orange arcs that I had cut to many for on "A Summer's Day" quilt from my book, and thought, "well, now what can I do with these" 
Que angels singing!!!!
The answer then fell in to place, to let the "score" graphically tell the story of the struggle with the creative process, allowing the rings, My "dwr wheel house" to start to fill in the gap in the story of the quilt... My answer!
So what was once lost, took a few months, and now it was found....

Hence the title, "Lost and Found in Translation"

I quilted this quilt with straight lines in the borders and many different patterns in the random colors. It has a small amount of Applique, which strangely my quilt was hung in appliqué... 98% of this quilt was pieced, yet it was put by the judges in the appliqué category... I also have embroidery on it, as I usually do have embroidery  hand quilting, machine quilting all mixed together in my quilts... 

I just love the quilt, and I'm very proud of it.

Kathy York's quilt won best in Show! Kathy is a friend of mine, we've worked on Group quilt sing he past that have hung in Houston. Kathy is an amazing artist, and all i can say is, this award could not have gone to a more deserving person! It's beautifully made, lovely color, and well, just so very Kathy!  Way to go Kathy! I'm so happy for you! Wahoo!!

More details later this week... Enjoy our day! Hopefully it's WARM where you are as it's zero, here... 


  1. I, too, am enchanted by Melissa's lady face quilt. Saw the process on her blog and believe she had a great time making it. Hope to see it 'in person' sometime...

  2. I continue to be so energized by the the endless possibilities with quilt making.... and your work illustrates that fact so well. Thanks for sharing your process with "Lost..."

  3. The face is haunting. The spring colours encouraging. I like DWR quilts and have always wanted to make another. I bought your book. Whoa! Your old to new journey depicted in a DWR quilt riveted me! I need to think more about what I do. There is gonna be a new ring between my old traditions and my new inspirations. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Three stunning quilts and so inspirational!

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts.

  6. I sure don't envy the judges; how they manage to pick the best out of a field of fabulous quilts is beyond me. And that's not to say that the winners didn't deserve it. These are fantastic quilts - I'm just sure there were many others which I wouldn't have been able to say weren't equally as good.

  7. The show was fabulous, and so visually overwhelming that I didn't notice that the middle of this piece was the same Sherri Lynn "score" that I struggled with. Those orange DWR arcs drew my eye away from the rest of the quilt! Mine eventually came together, but yeah, there was a big stretch in the middle where I almost abandoned it. Had a blast playing with scraps in the 15MP workshop with you... now happy to be home in Hilo where it is a balmy 79 degrees.

    Happy to be home in Hilo, where it's nice and warm.

  8. It was so nice to get to chat with you at QuiltCon, I loved your class. And I agree, the quilts were amazing, especially the ones you have pictures of here.

  9. I'm so glad you provided the link to Melissa's blog. I didn't know of her before QuiltCon, I'm now quite a fan !

  10. Glad you had such a great time. Your quilt looks amazing and such a lovely story with it. And yes, it's warm here, going to be a stinker tomorrow too! Stay out of the cold!

  11. QuiltCon was amazing and made all the better by your lecture. Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you.


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