Thursday, February 19, 2015

Strings of Florid Blooms in Prints!

Is it ever a good idea to start a quilt project three days before a large quilting event like QuiltCon? 
When you have to pack, get organized, etc...  ??

Well, I thought I'd just make a four block version of my Strings of Florid blooms quilt, 

But then thought how cute as 6 blocks... ( each block is 30" )
And then thought, 

"well that's silly, 

Why wouldn't I just make it a king size?"

Just in time to put in my Suitcase and fly off to Austin... My students Saturday will be learning my tricks to make this quilt. It's super duper fun to make...


Be sure to comment over at Okan Arts to win a  copy of the book and my thread!!

See ya in TEXAS!!!


  1. Just love the Strings of Florid Blooms in Prints! Have a great time at Quiltcon.

  2. Just love, love the print version. It makes you keep looking and looking. Enjoy Quiltcon.

  3. It's great in king size :-)
    Liebe Grüße,

  4. aww, a girl after my own heart! I drive my daughter crazy with my, just make it bigger, attitude! Wish I would be there to take your class! Have fun.

  5. I love this pattern. I am currently trying to resist buying any new fabric and use stuff from my stash I think this looks like an ideal stash buster.

  6. This is just so lovely! Maybe I'll make this pattern before the more traditional. Enjoy QuiltCon!!

  7. Of course it was a good idea - sometimes quilts just won't wait! Have a fab time at QuiltCon.

  8. It was so delightful seeing you at QuiltCon. I enjoyed your lecture and demo so very much. QuiltCon was great!

  9. Have a great time at Quilt Con. The blooms are lovely.

  10. Wish I could have been there to hear your tips!


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