Monday, September 29, 2014

quiet time.

A perfect weekend.

Yes, I may have been sick in bed all day Saturday, but it was very much a perfect weekend.  I relaxed, rested up, and came out to sit on my steps at my house, only to see a rainbow ending at my feet!

The weather was spectacular. Warm, soft breeze, and I slept like a rock the night before....

I treasure that quiet time at my house. I love NYC, but I can not get "QUIET" like I can when I'm out among the trees....

Only a few places can get my head that quiet... one is in my outdoor shower.  I can look up to the trees, and see nothing else. No people, No houses... No nothing.

Another is at the beach, or at a lake... listening to the water... I can work out the hardest of issues, when I get quiet and listen...

 caught me in a quiet moment...

Perhaps I may have even worked out how to finish these blocks... What I kept thinking of as "Christmas Blocks" now feels like FALL blocks, after seeing a few trees start to, green, yellow and gold.

I feel refreshed, I'm almost healthy again, and I'm ready to head on out to the Keystone Quilters today and tomorrow...

Find some quiet time today...  
It puts a quiet smile on your face.


  1. I am sorry to hear you have been sick, but it sounds like you are on the road to recovery! The blue DWR quilt is wonderful and it is so fun that your daughter is claiming it for her wedding! I had a long weekend working in my studio too. I sewed while watching any Clint Eastwood movie that was on - Fistful of Dollars, Joe Kidd, Hang 'em High, The Enforcer, Outlaw Josy Wales, ...etc. Yes, a lot of cowboys and banditos get shot, but most of the time you don't see blood. Have a great time in PA!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I too, need a lot of quiet, and am fortunate to live where it is quieter than in NYC. Quiet times refresh our souls, bodies, and sometimes gives us new ideas. Loved the nature pictures. I live on an acreage, so the beauty around me feeds my soul.

  3. Good. I'm glad you got some needed rest and quiet time. Hope you enjoyed my movie recommendations. We need you well and happy for your upcoming trip to Seattle. Enjoy your trip to PA. Hope you can find some quiet there as well!

    1. Quiet time ...I love it and get to start most days with a nice beach walk before jumping into my day. My life is a lot more quiet without TV so glad we made the leap and left the TVs behind when we moved :0). Safe travel and Happy Sewing

  4. Pinch and a punch for the first of the month.


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