Friday, August 15, 2014

quilts in the house.

Quilts around my house...

Can you believe my master bed room at my house does not have one of my quilts on the bed? 10 years ago when we renovated our house, I wasn't a full time quilter. I wen tot a fancy home store and found this incredibly soft Indian cotton blanket for my bed... It's still so very soft, but.... The cotton is so thin it is starting to disintegrate from fading and washing... 

I have attempted to make myself the "new" replacement for this one... I think I can safely say I have started about 6-10 quilts to be the "ONE", and I have to tell you, none of them are...the one. LOL. In fact the top left one, ended up on my bed at my NYC loft bedroom...   

Although this one, looks pretty fun on my bed... today.  But I want something with more BROWN in it... Will keep on playing...

I thought I'd share with you the quilts that have found their place, in my home... On the above bed, a quilt I made back in 2008. Vintage blocks used with one line of fabric and mitered striped borders. I still love that quilt... I also have several throws in that room.. The orange chain quilt, a ralli quilt, and yet another purchased one on the seat of the couch....WIth some crazy~ fluffyyellow/orangey pillows I made!
 Here is a silk quilt I made probably in 2009, It is still not BOUND!  But still lives on my lounge chair... along with a hand quilted hexagon pillow.
One vintage quilt covers the dog crate. Kia often sleeps onto of her crate as well, so we always keep a quilt there for her to rest on. A 9 patch throw lays on my couch along with yet another OLDIE on the seat of the couch, circa 2008. Having dogs in my house, means, I need to be able to wash the quilts... often...
Although you can see my pillows need to be washed constantly too... Kia made herself comfy on a gifted pillow from Stephanie from Venus de Hilo...  ( I did a story on her and her beautiful quilts in the current issue of The Quilt Life)
Kia gets a break today, She had a heart attack yesterday, (!!!) (my poor sweet girl)  Now with her new meds, she needs a special pillow to rest her sweet self on...She's doing much better today.  
So scary!!

 Antique quilts and A few of my favorites are spread around the house, most of these don't get used, they just look nice. LOL.

A couple hang draped around the house... One old rail fence top, I finished back in 2008, and the other red yellow blue one, was from my grandparents, from the "non quilter" side of my family. We think perhaps was purchased from a church bazaar at one time. I do like the bright happy colors.

Is your house covered in quilts? 
I think on average, every room here, has at least four handmade quilts.  ;-) 
That's a good thing!


  1. Since I am still remodeling (like for 10 years!) there are quilts in only a few of the rooms. My bedroom has a blue and white four patch quilt and a concert t-shirt quilt both with backings made from leftover backing from quilts I made for the band Bon Jovi, Ricky Martin, Tina Turner, the late Mrs. Miller of Miller's Dry Goods in Charm (yes, I made a quilt for an Amish quilt maker! No one had ever made her a quilt!), and R.E.M. Lots of memories in those two quilt! In the winter I throw on my chevron flannel quilt.

    In the guest room is a yellow and gray quilt I made especially for this room which is gray with yellow accents. I have a few more artsy pieces hanging in the foyer including my ode to the Tour de France. The rest of the house is void of any quilts unless you count two closets and my studio. I know, I know, I need to get the house done, but right now I am working on quilts for QuiltCon so the house will just have to wait!

  2. Yup, quilts everywhere at my house. I don't notice it until someone new comes over and starts looking at them. Doesn't everyone have quilts everywhere, lol?

  3. Yes, quilts everywhere in my house too. A favorite place for me to view them is in a neat pile resting on a low table, I just love that look of all the lovely colors peeking out as they are stacked together. Some day I must count up all the quilts I have around here, then of course I've given away twice as many as I've kept.

    So glad that Kia is doing better, that must have been a terrible scare.

  4. This is my goal - the idea of a folded stack of quilts I've made thrills me to pieces - so far I only have 3 in the living room (movie quilts!) but quite a few table toppers, coasters, wall pieces. Love seeing yours all over - totally wonderful!

  5. Yes,I have quilts everywhere and also in the loft

  6. As I sit in the lounge I can see 7 quilts...

  7. Lots of quilts around here, but it's the WIPs that are really piled up. Glad Kia found the perfect spot to relax and recouperate!

  8. how good to see all your quilts, cushions etc and such a variety. Love the bright one on the bed which you want to replace with one with more brown. Sorry to read about the heart attack, poor Kia, plenty of rest will do the world of good

  9. Have quilt racks in every bedroom with at least three nap quilts on each...a basketful of lap quilts in my living room...and my Dear Jane on my bed at all times. Do I need to make more quilts? Of course!!

  10. Nice post! I love the offset squares in the collage...upper left. I, too, have an 'old' quilt on my bed. I keep looking around for a 'different' one but none are big enough. LOTS of smaller quilts in the house. Draped over couches and chairs but 'the one' is not on the bed. SOON! Thanks for the tour!

  11. Great post! I, too, have quilts in many rooms - and a few on the walls as well.

  12. I hope Kia is doing better. I've thought of you as I've heard about the flooding on Long Island. Hope you are all ok.


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