Monday, August 18, 2014

Witchy Ways

Ha! A bit late!
I had planned on making a fun "Witchy Ways" quilt for the Cherrywood WICKED challenge, and had many ideas...  I whipped this little guy up, and meant to work on this summer on the road... Except that didn't happen....
I couldn't get my mojo up and running to hand quilt it...
I planned on adding a lot of texture to the background and add some fun designs etc. I started a few times, using my green from my Aurifil 12 wt. thread sets...(can be bought in my shop)   Then got sidetracked...

Well, the contest has come and gone, and my piece was still sitting here...
Have you seen the winners? They are amazing!!!... See here. and here on the main page...

If you are coming to Quilters Take Manhattan you can see the traveling quilts there too!

Coming to the  party at my home? Check out the After Dark party info on the Quilters Take Manhattan webpage. ;-) FUN!

Can't make it? Or missed getting your ticket as the FIT event with my Butler has sold out... (there are other add on's still here: Quilters Take Manhattan

We have HOME TICKETS for the event!
Home ticket graphic Click here to purchase your Home Ticket online.
Enjoy the event from your home by purchasing a "Home Ticket." For $25 you'll receive first access to event video footage online, a packed event goody bag with samples and treats from all of our sponsors, and a chance to win select door prizes. And you'll be playing an important role in supporting the work of the Alliance.
Please note: additional postage required for orders outside of the US and Canada.

 See, I get sidetracked, again...


Last night I sat down, put my feet up,  and didn't stop!

Now I don't want to stop! It's almost done! 
It's not as complicated or "designed" as I had planned,
 But sometimes, mindless big stitch quilting is just so relaxing and satisfying!
I need to find black to quilt those witches.. rats! Don't have any. ;-(


  1. I love how it is turning out! Are you going to make a wall hanging? Looking forward to seeing it in person. :)

  2. Wow! I am not used to seeing Cherrywoods in these greens. I must add these wickeds to my collection for some zing...

  3. The witches are looking good! Wish I could come to Manhattan in person but love that I can "attend" from home. Looking forward to it!

  4. Get your mouse busy and click click click and black thread will be on its way.

  5. I know how time gets away from me and I miss a deadline! Recently one challenge extended the deadline by a couple of weeks so now I will be able to make the new deadline! Yeah! Your wicked piece is very cool.

  6. I went to see the others - AMAZING! And yours will be just as fun when it is done - so far so good. I like it!! Keep it going and you are ready to hang it for the 'scary' holiday night coming up!! ;)

    And get that black thread! For some reason, I have more than I realized!! Not many colors, but black is there....... Black on black is an interesting - well, I found it challenging - to sew, so have fun!!!


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