Saturday, August 9, 2014

lazy days of August.

Taking a breather.... these last few weeks of August are my vacation time... So not much quilting going on over here.... Loads of cooking though! Today it was requested for old fashioned potato salad, so that is what it shall be!

 It's been so cool here, yesterday, it was actually int eh 80's so we spent the day at the pool... I couldn't resist bumping Beatrice into the pool, and well, you can see above the outcome of my behavior... yes, in I went, clothes and all. hehehe.
Having a great time. (so worth it!)

Starting to think about Fall, back to school, and what fun events will be happening....

QUILTING LIVE first in Atlanta! Come on down!

Then we have Quilter's Take Manhattan!  ...and the big after dark party at my house!

And after that, Quilter's Way  lecture with myself and Alex Veronelli of Aurifil.  Hope to see you at some of the events! I see "WE" are OUT of STOCK at Quilters way page! I guess it's sold out. haha!

You can always check my full calendar schedule here.

Although I'm trying to take a break from work... I still have been shopping for upcoming projects...  sigh.  I will not cut into this until I get back to NYC...  even though I'd like too, this is my vacation, I best make good use of it, and relax!  Busy year ahead, but all fun, and joyous, with QUILTS!

A few new changes....
I switched my website, (even though it still will load to bumblebeansinc) to
I'm going to slowly convert my email address to the same... so if you have me in your address book, please change me over to the NEW email:
vfwquilts @

I haven't decided to change the blog yet... perhaps a soon.... I can't seem to add an extra url, without deleting the original... unless someone know how to tell me to do that?... I'd like to just change the blog to I can see how to do that easily in blogger, but then all who follow won't know that I changed it...  I need you all to be prepared, If I give you fair warning?
Or you won't find me!
and then I'd be sad.
I don't want to be sad. ;-) and bumblebeansinc @ gmail  is still existing....but,  I will slowly merge it out.  

So, for now, I'm off to relax a couple more weeks. Posting will be quiet over here til Sept.  We are all as a family, Myself, Beatrice, Michael and my Stepson and Granddaughter  will head to St. Andrews by the Sea, NB in another week or so... to see my BIL's  family....
Any quilters reading this, that live up that way in NB Canada?

Don't forget PRE ORDERS for my next book can be purchased at my website shop!
(please purchase this item singularly, don't combine with other purchases)


I added my Husband's Paperback version of his book, The Value of Art. Signed copies can also be purchased from my website.


  1. nice pyrex bowl! enjoy your time off, especially in New Brunswick.

  2. I hope you are having a truly relaxing time. I think you can get blogger to redirect to your new webname without changing the follower, etc. I know I did but I used some help desk folks to help me out. I think I best get my copy of your book ordered.

  3. Enjoy your vacation! My word for 2014 was RELAX. ;)

  4. Enjoy your vacation! Summer is such a precious and memory-making time (I always remember my summers more than my winters!)

  5. I did a redirect for my blog name too, I switched from a blogspot name to just a .com that I bought. I can't remember exactly how I did it but you can do it and it should be seamless for your current followers. So... do a search for "redirect a URL" and see what you find. I had to do some (easy) techie stuff on godaddy (where I bought my url) and on blogger too.


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