Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back from India!

Male Tiger cub…Up close and personal! We were on elephant about 10 feet away from him…. 
Home from India!
A quick post of a run through of over 2,000 images…. Our trip booked through Natural Habitat (Our third trip with them) took us to Delhi,  Singinawa Jungle Lodge in Kanha National Park, and Agra. Our Fantastic Guide, Rashid, was so wonderful!  He provided us with so much information, we could not have asked for a better trip! Here's quick run through of images… More to come, but this is a good place to start. ;-)

We had an amazing time!  I had a hard time selecting pictures the share with you! So, for today a sneak peek at COLOR, and a whole lot of animals!

COLOR!!!!! Inspiration galore!!!
More color shots will be coming soon…. Here's some more animals to enjoy. 

 AWWWWW! Is there anything cuter?

Looking for lunch!

5:30 in the morning: This Leopard almost jumped in front of our car! Lucky for us, he went and sat down just to the side of the road...Easier to see him better!

This felt like the Garden of Eden! Check out all the animals at the watering hole!

Green Parakeet flying around The Red Fort!
All Aboard!
Driving through… Well, that was interesting!
Look who is doing the Hard & Heavy road work?
We rode for an hour through the jungle, by elephant back…. AMAZING!!! That is when we came upon the Tiger (at top)! Must get the pics from my hubby…. He was on the elephant behind us, and has some great pictures to show how close we got to him… !!!

The winner of the WHY QUILTS MATTER DVD is:


Congrats Rachel!

I'm off to curl up into a nice little ball, in my very own bed! 


  1. Can you imagine living all around that glorious color? the birds? the clothes?
    Welcome home!

  2. Welcome home. Were you able to buy textiles? And how is it you had a quilt up on the elephant with you?!

  3. Amazing! Exotic animals, and fabulous colors everywhere you look! I can't wait to see the quilt(s) inspired by this vacation!

  4. You have some prize winning photos! I especially like the third one in this post.

  5. We were in India 5 yrs ago for our daughter's wedding. It was the most amazing place! And yes, the roads and the trains are an experience not to forget either. But mostly it was the color and sights and the wonderful people! so glad you had an amazing trip too.

  6. Welcome home! Looking forward to hearing about and seeing more of your adventures...

  7. Victoria - so very beautiful - and such magical family memories you have created! Peace, Shelagh (Vero Beach)

  8. Beautiful photos! Wonderful family memories! Welcome home!

  9. Welcome home! Fab photos, eager to see more. And the COLORS!!!

  10. Glorious photographs! I love the colours of India, but the wildlife is wonderful.

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  12. Beautiful photos!!! Hope to see more colours of India inspiration.

  13. I misspelled something on the original post... let me try again. I sure missed your cheerful posts while you were gone, such a wonderful trip! Wow... the photos are indeed prize winning. Yes, I'd like to hear about the quilt and elephant story too. The colors are fabulous! Thanks for the peek into your family vacation!

  14. looks like you had an amazing time, lovely photos, to get so close to a tiger must have been thrilling. Love that you have a quilt on you lap whilst riding on the elephant

  15. Welcome home! So looking forward to more pics! And does that photo of the Red Fort bring back my
    trip 40+ yrs ago!

  16. I left a post on your FB page as well....lived two years in India. I look forward to your posts. I do love all the color that a person sees everyday in the saris, salwars and fabrics all around.

  17. So glad you had a great trip and thankful that you and your family are home safe and sound. I can not imagine a trip like that....I look forward to seeing more photos
    hugs from Louisiana

  18. Thanks so much for the beautiful pics, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy your trip through your marvelous photos.

  19. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I look forward to seeing more pictures of your adventures in India!

  20. congrats Rachel on the big win!!! victoria, i think you are following color all over the world, everything else is just a lucky perk!!

  21. Welcome Home! What an amazing trip. I spy a quilt on that Elephant ride!

  22. Oh My Goodness! What amazing pictures :) I love it. That sounds/looks like a fantastic place to see. I love all the color! So inspiring :)! Thank you so much for sharing.


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