Saturday, June 22, 2013

farewell MN....


What a beautiful quilt shop! Olive Juice Quilts in La Crosse, WI.

Today I left MN, and my family in Wabasha, MN...Here's my aunt Judy, and my cousin Dale... and yes, MINON got in the picture too. (see him waving?) Beatrice is off to camp, and while she's gone, she's said I had to keep MINION with me... so he's traveling with me, and always getting into the shots...  ( Flat Stanley style hehe!)  He also went antiquing...  He spends me money well...  (evil!)

I hit the road for Milwaukee today... on the way, I hit a few quilt shops and antique shops.... car is packed full.. LOL!
This place is huge...Great fabrics... Bright, and well, so inviting, I didn't want to leave... I was seriously considering bellying up the sewing machines in the back....

OHIOLORI, you won Jessica's book! Congrats!
(I finally got internet connection! pheeeew!)


  1. Well I love the name Olive Juice and the shop looks fun and fabulous. Happy Travels. Will you be needing a u-haul to attach to the back of your car before heading home?

  2. Shop looks great! Went to college in Milwaukee, you'll find some great food there (and beer too)

  3. Victoria did you take with you the Quilters Travel guide for on the rd ??? Just wondering how it is..

  4. No, I didn't... I have so many friends in this area, I just ask them where I need to go... LOL!
    Also, I love to go antiquing, so I take a lot of back roads, and just plug antiques or Quilt shop into my phone, and away I go. ;-)

  5. I just googled your family's town, and found out that I will be 15 miles up the road in September. I'll be there for a vintage sewing machine group get-together. I hope you left a few vintage machines for me (like I need any more). Drive safely home.


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