Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wisconsin Quilt Museum

Had a nice visit to the Wisconsin Quilt Museum today.  They had an exhibit of Double wedding rings, lace and wedding dresses.... I was very drawn to the Wedding dresses and hand work involved... Which I think is funny, since I had NO LACE on my wedding dress anywhere... LOL!

I love that the Museum is a renovated farm! So pretty! 

I just love this dress above... the color, the softness and the lace... sweet, sophisticated...  sweet! Did I say that already?

They also had a quilt documentation going on!  Sylvia Adair, was looking over some interesting quilts! Fun to ease drop in on what they were discovering about this quilt... It had another quilt inside of the it... this scrappy top was added and wrapped around the old quilt... They were very eager to know what quilt was inside of it!

Afterwards I wandered up to the Cedarburg Strawberry festival... EVERYTHING was made out of strawberries... ;-) even Strawberry Bratwurst!  Anyone? Anyone?  LOL!  I got away with jsut a strawberry lemonade... ;-)

Fun, HOT day!

Have you ever taken your quilts in for Quilt Documentation Day in your state?


  1. I would love to know when there was a Quilt Documentation day in CA! I have one in particular that I'd like to take in. Love all of the photos, just amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.. sounds like you're having a great summer. :)

  2. Looks like a lovely day. Interesting museum. I also love that wedding dress!

  3. I've never taken mine in but have a few that I've inherited. Would love to do that! How cool that there was a quilt inside a quilt!

  4. I am enjoying the trip your making! I have never taken a quilt to documentation day, I hope NJ does another one someday and it leads to another quilt history book of NJ. I have 2 quilt history books from Wisconsin. one from 2001 and another from 2008 wonder if they are working on another?
    did they open the quilt up to see what quilt was inside??????
    strawberries with real whip cream my favorite!

  5. Sounds like you had a great trip to Wisconsin ~ lovely photos of the lacy wedding dresses and quilts.
    I've had two quilts documented by Bill Volckening here in Oregon through the PMQG. One is a modern quilt that I won in a raffle from PMQG and the other is a quilt that my Great Grandmother made around 1865. Really interesting how they can tell when a quilt was made just by the colors of the fabric.

  6. I assisted with a quilt documentation day...really a fun and interesting experience!

  7. Wow - that looks like a great place to visit. I want to see what's under that quilt too...
    I have 2 Amy Butler quilts that I love!
    I haven't heard of Quilt Documentation Day in CT - but maybe I will look into it.
    My collection is growing...

  8. Hi, it was so nice to meet you on Sunday, and so fun to see my picture here! I'm the gray haired old lady in the turquoise top, trying to (gently!) peek through an open seam to see the quilt underneath. From what we could see, we decided it was a basket quilt with appliqued handles, made in blue print and solid yellow, probably from around 1910. The owner is thinking about separating the top from the quilt--the back is an absolute mess with batting hanging out.
    We documented 31 quilts this weekend, to add to our total of over 8000 done since 1985. It's always a wonderful experience, with lots of great stories.
    We hope to see you in Wisconsin again soon!

    1. Sylvia! It was very nice to meet you! What fun to watch you guys at work... That quilt was fun to hear about! I couldn't reply to your email as it was a no reply" can you send me your email address?

  9. I'm so glad you got to visit the museum. My sister leaves near there and I've been up to visit her TWICE and both times the museum was CLOSED!! Next time, I'm checking out the museum hours first before making plans!! lol Glad that you're enjoying the midwest. I think that first wedding dress would look super on you.
    Quilting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  10. What a great exhibit! Three of my favourite things - vintage quilts, wedding dresses and Amy Butler. Looks like a wonderful time!

  11. I was surprised to see my humble childhood crazy quilt from the museum's documentation day on your blog about your visit there. What an honor. I thought you were a reporter for a local paper. LOL I am a BHG AP&Quilting subscriber and enjoyed reading your 2 articles Mix Master & Seeing Stripes.
    It was a great experience having my quilt documented at the museum. Everyone was helpful during the documentation process. For the past ten years I didn't know if I should take it apart or not ?? Now I can, yea. The plan for the quilt top my grandmother made is to repair seams, launder, new batting (thin? or fluffy?)and backing. The underneath hidden part is what really fascinates me. Carol

    1. Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...
      Hi!! Your comment is a "no reply" so I couldn't respond to your email. Have you already taken off the top? Do tell, was it a basket quilt underneath? Exciting!!! Email me back with your email address! -Victoria
      bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com


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