Monday, April 29, 2013

Dyed on Monday

Oh! What trouble we can get into when we want to! I was on a mission to dip dye a dress, as it was going to cost to much to have it professionally done.So I called my friend Emily up, and said,
 "Hey Girl! Let's go play in some dye!"
She took me to Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, and HELLO! What fabulous goodies they have there!
We bought the fancy pro dye, and also were intrigued by the liquid RIT dye... Bought both, came home, and started experimenting with RIT to see what would happen...

Here's all our tests strips. Yep! This was going to work!
Let's just go for it!

Here's my dress, all wet and ready to dip... Cute dress, just I had something else in mind when I had it made... I just saw it in my MIND as being DARK on the bottom half, to just up over my waste line... SOOOOO, as crazy as we are...
 In it goes...

OOH! Looking good! 
It's always darker when it's wet... so this took us a few dips to get it where we wanted it..., then I dabbed the dye up the bleed mark where I wanted it....

And dried it, to see how it looked. LOVE IT!!!  I love how you can still see the print through the dye part... I have a few more bits of work to do to the dress, but for now, I am so pleased!

Then we had all that dye, so we thought, "hmmm,what else can we do?"  I dug out some of my leftover carnival spoonflower fabric from the "When Crows Fly"quilt a week back...( you can see that post here)

Clamps, chopsticks, and dye...  Very fun!  Now what can I dye next? For today, I will stop while I am ahead!

...was fun!



  1. What fun! Is that Emily who goes to QBL each year?

  2. I have been itching to dye some fabrics myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Sally: yes I'm the Emily who goes to QBL every year.
    We had sooooo much fun this afternoon.
    Thanks Victoria for a fun day!!!!

  4. I just love your vlogs!!! Wow..I would have NEVER thought of dying a dress like that...but it works! You did a great job~ Thanks so much for sharing! ♥♥♥

  5. Looking good. My only issue with Rit dye is that it is not as intense as I like. Now, I do wonder what the purpose is in the salt I see on your supplies table. how are you using it in the dying process?

  6. very cute dress, i like the dye too, adds a great element of interest.

  7. I love dyeing. It is very addictive!

  8. Great job! Now I'm intriuged to know what else you have in store for the dress????!!

  9. Very interesting! You are so brave! I love what you've done. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  10. The dyeing turned out great! I like Emily's shirt too. I am assuming she dyed that. I haven't been doing much dying lately, but I am going to have my modern quilt guild over to my house this August to show them how to dye so I had better sharpen my skills over the next couple of months! (and maybe clean my house!)

  11. What fun! Takes me back to school days when we did tie dying!! The dress turned out so well! Love that fabric.

  12. I love (Wait...LOVE!) your fabric with the doll heads. Do you have any to sell by any chance? I saw it in one of your other posts. I love weird doll related stuff like that. Let me know...
    Yeah my opinion of Rit dye is a bit low . It is made to be used with all different fiber contents so it is by nature not very intense. There are better dyes out there, but still it sure is fun to do. Especially sharing the dyepot with a pal.
    Rit color remover works great though, if you ever make a boo boo or just want to take out color from something and start over. It stinks though, so have lots of windows open while you use it.

  13. Hi Victoria,
    You are so silly and you found a friend who also is silly, but what a fun time it looks like you two had! Emily, you have the cutest laugh! You go: Quilting Girls !
    Love, Carolyn

  14. Oh I'd love you to be on that 'Real Housewives' programmes. Can you imagine all those ladies bringing a dress to your house to be dyed!

  15. I've been waiting to see if what you'd come up with after we saw those amazing and astronomically priced dresses! Very cool - and you look fabulous!


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