Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sewing bee weekend!

A good old fashioned Sewing bee!
Thank you to Andrea M, Jenny B, Ivete T, Maria G, Jessica A, BetteAnne S. AND my Mother,
 for helping me sew sleeves on yesterday!!!
It was so nice to sit and sew, and chat and get that sort of socializing time together! I'm thinking I need to do this more often, and not just to sew my stuff! Just to be together and sew regularly.
Good for the SOUL! 

Just look how many quilt sleeves we got done! 16!!!
What would have taken my mother and I,
 a full week to get done,  was done in three days with friends... It's been a good week!

Now I have that extra time to finish other deadlines, and plan my summer "drive" trip to Minnesota in June!
Got a local guild or quilt shop for a trunk show on my drive from NYC to MN?  Give me a shout!
Maybe you are off 80 heading east?
Hey, Ya never know!
email me!


  1. Darn, I wish I could have joined you today! Sewing with friends is my most favorite thing to do. Hoping to be at your next sewing bee...

  2. Oh, how about a trunk show in Henderson? The quilters would come from miles around to see your quilts. :-)

  3. Isn't is fun!!! I get together with a few friends twice a week to sew. We pick little projects to do; whether we need them or

  4. Ah...if my tiny guild could only afford you. I'll be in MN in Sept for a vintage sewing machine group. Have a safe drive, and, if you stop near Chicago, let me know, I live in the far western suburbs.

  5. thanks for having us today~
    glad everything got done.

  6. Kalamazoo is not far off I80! Hmmmm....Maybe you could come to our brand spankin' new Modern Quilt Guild!!! :-)

    A sewing bee is wonderful for the soul. Especially when they are sewing for you. I had a friend helping me sew this weekend. It meant so much to me that she would help me like that!

  7. I am just catching up Monday at noon on your goings on and wow is all I can say. Congratulations on the quilt tour! It is wonderful to have so many friends to pitch in and help! As someone who recently spent a New Year's quilting bee at my friend's house, it was a fullfilling time just working on her projects that were aching to be finished and spending time just talking. I wish I lived closer because I would have been there helping out! Best of luck on your tour!

  8. I am behind 300+ blogs readings so am crusin' down the posts and BAM... stopped on this one as I recognized the view out the windows and knew it was Victoria's !! The view out the window... is distinctive and the quilts are colorful... on with the day.

  9. Social sewing is such a treat. Our small group meets twice a month for "sit and sew". It's mostly "sit and chat and eat cookies" but we have sewing (or sometimes knitting) in our laps, and a little bit of stitching gets done. And it's the BEST environment for facing those dreaded sleeves.

  10. I would have joined you but the commute ia a little long :-)
    My fav day of the month is my Applique day. We meet at the LQS, stitch, share, drink tea, share some more, laugh and learn from each other, hear about travels and trials and life in general, it's a great day spent with women who have such varied backgrounds but connect through the threads!

  11. ok this is not fair, I want to be there. How much fun was that!


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