Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hanging Sleeves....

Remind me to make sleeves at the time I make a quilt... 

I just didn't think that some of these quilts would hang when I made them! I'm spending three days just making, and hand sewing, sleeves on a whole load of quilts from my Book, 15 Minutes of Play that will be traveling as an exhibit , starting in March!   YAY!

I've called on my Mother and my friends in the MOD guild, to come and help me... The factory has begun, Or rather..."sweat shop" as John called it yesterday!

Everywhere you look in my loft, there is a quilt in progress... LOL! 
Every chair has a quilt on it.

The pile is getting smaller! (and HEAVIER!)
Sunday, 8 more pals will come and help me finish them off...
Time to bring back the Quilting bee parties! 

You'll be able to see the quilts at the shows listed here. (starting in MARCH)

The first show I will be at,speaking, teaching, book signing is at:

April 4, 5 & 6, 2013
Schaumburg Convention Center 

Maybe I will see you there!

Off to make more quilt sleeves! Enjoy your day!


  1. What are friends for?? Awesome!
    I hope you get them all done in record time. I'd love to come help but I'm pretty busy selling my house.....we're real close!!

    Happy Sewing, congrats on getting more help!

  2. Wow - look what you got yourself into!!! Congratulations on wonderful success with your book!

  3. That is one thing I have never enjoyed doing, lol.
    I found some nice clip on curtain hangers so that is my new way to hang at home.


  4. Wish I could help. how exciting that your quilts will be traveling. Are you coming close to the Gulf Coast??

  5. Awesome - hope to see you on your tour!

  6. Oh boy, they're coming to Baltimore!! I can't wait. I hope you will be there, I have a book you can sign, lol.

  7. I'm so excited! Will get to see your work in Overland Park, Kans. Will you be speaking there? Marlynne

  8. Wonderful that you have so many helpers.
    I tell myself that putting a sleeve on every quilt is a good idea, just in case... but rarely do. Maybe this will inspire greater diligence.

  9. You know all you have to do is go to a thrift store , buy the size of bed sheets you need and then cut the top off the sheet , it is a ready made sleeve !The very top is usually open in the middle and you can cut it off at the seam so there is no sewing involved other to attache it to your quilt.

  10. LOOK at your Mama down there on the floor! It reminded me of my MIL that used to come and clean my woodwork! I was always telling her to GET UP! She is a GREAT mom! And all your buds! Nice!

  11. What a great group of friends. Anyone who would stitch on those darn sleeves, is a friend indeed. I will make plans to be in Atlanta in March to see all of your eye candy. Will you be speaking there? Hope so!!!

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  13. Hooray! you're coming here! I put you in my calendar...well, if it's just your quilts and not you, too, that'll still be something worth going to. (former deleted post is me, I just wanted to re-word my message.)

  14. That's cool! Well, glad you have good friends to help. I absolutely hate making hanging sleeves! haha.

  15. looks like a great memory your are making, you will write about it in a book one of these days, the Chapter will ready "The sleeve Marathon" nice that your family is helping and knows enough about sewing to help. My family wouldn't even sew a button on.

    So proud for you, love your quilts

  16. i have fence that needs painted too... maybe you can organize that Tom Sawyer style!


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