Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quilting Arts

YAY! Our Group Quilt “Exquisite Journey.” that hung in Houston this past November is in Quilting Arts this month!  And the COVER is Kathy Yorks Panel from our quilt!
How fun is that?


  1. How fun is that ?~!

    As fun as it gets... your six-panel quilt just blew me away when you originally blogged it and then to see it completed a little while ago was a really cool experience filled with inspiration and admiration and joy for such a wonderful cooperative project.

    and now the Cover !~! So very very Fun it is. Congratulations to all six of you. I love what you did with your skills. Thank you.

  2. Love this magazine! Can't wait to get this issue!!!

  3. This is exciting! Congratulations!!!!!

  4. Congrats!!! Such a happy quilt. Hugs

  5. What fun to actually see this in the magazine. Congratulations to all of you!

  6. I saw it in Houston and ran around saying "I know that person!" like an idiot for 3 days! LOL


  7. How exciting, looking forward to receive my copy!

  8. I've tried to get one of my social groups to bring their sewing to work on while visiting but haven't got it to happen yet!


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