Friday, September 28, 2012

Susan's Blocks and Santas

Susan's blocks :  Sharon T, Jana, Linda S, Sandi A, Ruthmary S.,Tracey S, Antonia M. 

Sandi A, Ruthmary S.,Tracey S, Antonia M. 

Xmas, Blocks: Kim B, Terry P, Susan I, Carol E., Gail N. Sharon

(Terry is from AU, can you spot which block is hers?  hehe!)

How sweet of all of you!! THANK YOU!!!!

I will put Susan's quilt top together this weekend. I will post a pic of all the blocks tomorrow. I'm off to Boo's Volleyball game!

Have a great weekend!!!
What will you be doing this weekend?


  1. Olá!Lindos blocos.Os meus estão prontos,vou enviar segunda. O meu correio estava em greve,retomaram hoje,até que enfim...Aproveite seu jogo,eu vou viajar ,volto domingo a noite.Beijo grande.

  2. Busy as a bee, you are! The blocks for Susan's quilt are great. And I found Terry's block. The cock-a-too and the kangaroo gave it away. :-)

  3. Oh wow I can't wait to see how you pull this all together :0). Glad I'll have a little piece in there too.

    Happy Sewing


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