Saturday, September 29, 2012


Susan's top is together!  Monday, I will get this basted, and try to have it quilted and bound and in the mail by Friday. Will see how it goes... ;-)  I had hoped to get it basted today, but I can't find anything Fabulous for the backing... I should have thought of that before I left NYC for my house...
Also, if by chance another 4-5 blocks show up, I can add one more row then... 
It sure does look great though! You guys did an amazing job on the colors in the blocks! Everything looks so good together! Michele's block is the great bright red/orange/turquoise one. I think it is really cool that it stands out so nicely, as she is Susan's best friend.

I have this quilt here, from my friend Earamichia. She made it while she was staying here last summer and left it for me to hand in to BASICS. I will be taking it back into the city with me, and send it up to BASICS for our next and last distribution event,  November 19th, 2012

What does that mean, last?

Only that, all the buildings of families, have all received quilts, and we have one last building to give quilts too!  We've reached 700 quilts!

The important part to this is:

BASICS will continue to accept your quilts. They will hand out your quilts as they are needed. This means as families get on their feet and move on, new families will come in. As they do, they will get a quilt.  They will not be organizing any more "EVENTS" as I have done with them, these past few years.

So, YES, you can keep sending quilts. They will continue to distribute them as new families come in.

No, They will not be photographed and displayed after the last November 19th event.

Any questions about the quilts can be directed to Robert Gonzalez.
Please visit the web page for ALL contact info. His email and address are listed there.

We've all done a great thing here! I'm very proud of the fact that we got the quilts they asked for! Best of all,  you ALL helped to do that!


I will continue to support the BASICS project I started, but I have turned it over to them to do with as they like.  I will continue to find more ways to give back to the community... Like Susan's quilt this week, or Axel's quilt last week...

BASICS has been the best part of blogging for me... Making quilting friends that care give back, I really do, truly, appreciate the help you've given me, and all the amazing families who needed to know someone cared! You do, and did!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

It's still raining here... It was a real gusher of a day yesterday, and we drove out to long island in the craziest rain I've seen.... This rainy weather really kicks my old be-hind... All I want to do is sleep... I really am a sunshine kind of girl.  

Before I lay down for a nap, I put on a pot of french onion soup, and I can tell you, the SMELL, along with a great quilt, and a cozy couch...(Sorry pooches, your being booted!)  All make a for a lazy, cozy day... It's also chilly, so we may even have our first , fire in the  fireplace, tonight... Yes, fall is here...

Even the trees are telling me so...

Enjoy your Saturday!  Cooking anything yummy?
Care to share with me your favorite recipe?
I'm always looking for something new to cook. Tonight we're having the french onion soup with Squash and Bronzino on the grill!


  1. The quilt top for Susan looks great! And the quilt from your friend is beautiful, too! I am sure it will make a family very happy.
    French onion soup sounds delish, I'm making butternut squash soup today. thankfully the rain is north of me today and the sun has decided to make an appearance.

  2. Victoria,
    You should be so proud of yourself for the enormous effort and results of the Basics project! Congratulations!!!!
    I made some tomato sauce (with pork) with some of the farm's last tomatoes! Tomorrow it's beef stew!
    I love cooking in this weather. Enjoy your onion soup - if my son sees your post he will be asking me for some!!!! :)

  3. Massive congratulations on the quilt gathering - yippee!!

    I believe the distribution days are a model of how to do quilt donations - a beautiful event!

    enjoy fall - what sweet doggies...

  4. I was worried to see you had finished Susan's quilt, but glad you added that you will add a row if more show up. My rural mail carrier doesn't realize she needs to pick up mail in my box. Even if it has a huge post-it on it with MAIL ME PLEASE!! It was finally picked up today, so hopefully you will have it Monday. I have a great easy recipe for shrimp scampi if you want it. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Wow 700 quilts for Basics. You are an amazing motivator. We were all happy to use our skills and knew there is nothing like a quilt!!!
    Susan's top is great. If I'd known Santa was flying express I'd have sent one back with him. Next time!
    We all seem to be making soup I did chicken and mushroom.

  6. quilt looks amazing, great job. I should be able to hit the last distribution with a quilt or two. One in motion right now.

  7. I make soup every Sunday here. My favorite is Italian Sausage soup. Easy and delicious!

    Italian Sausage Soup
    1 lb turkey italian sausage
    2 (14oz) cans beef broth
    1 (14oz) can italian tomatoes
    1 cup slice carrots
    1 (14oz) can great northern beans
    2 small zucchini cubed
    2 cups spinach, packed, rinsed and torn
    Salt and pepper
    Brown sausage and garlic. Stir in broth, tomatoes, carrots, salt and pepper. Cover and
    simmer 15 minutes. Stir in beans with liquid and zucchini. Cover and simmer another
    15 minutes. Remove from heat. Add spinach. Replace the lid for 5 minutes.


  8. OMG soup sounds so good !! Yes it is finally Fall !! :)

  9. Pretty quilts usual! ;) They are both so happy!

  10. Victoria,I must commend you on the great effort you put in to the Basics quilt gather. That accomplishment must feel wonderful.
    I'm proud of the little my 4 quilts contributed to this effort.When you mentioned 700 quilts back when you first offered some quilts, I thought that will never happen! Just WOW.

  11. Congrats V - I'm thinking of the basics client who wanted to wrap herself in the quilt, like a big hug - and those quilts will keep giving them hugs for a long time, what a great thing you have done for so many. Now - regarding the soup - could you give a link to the recipe please? Love that you're back blogging more often. :)


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