Thursday, September 27, 2012

this, that and the other

Hey All you Fabulous QUILTERS!
Did you see that Sarah's block is up for Jackie's Blogger BOM?  I'm two blocks behind! BOO!  I hate falling behind!  Will try to get back on track tonight... Jackie is already hinting on the layout! Did you see? Go hop over and check it out.

I have 5 quilts up on my walls at once right now, It's very comical!  Quilt Market is coming so I've been busy getting quilts made and things organized.  I am flip flopping between projects, getting a bit done on each each day... I can hardly believe that Market is almost here... That means my BOOK will be available for shops to buy!! then soon after, available to you!  eek! How exciting is that?  Well, for me it is anyway! Wahoo!
Pre-order on Amazon here:
 15 minutes of Play -- Improvisational Quilts: Made-Fabric Piecing Traditional Blocks Scrap Challenges

And remember, if you will be in NYC December 6th, I'll be doing a trunk show and book singing I mean SIGNING,  at City Quilter. (spell check certainly wouldn't catch that! LOL!)

The quilt blocks, above, are from the 15 Minutes play Lights and Whites challenge... hop over and see what else has been happening.

Susan's quilt and the Xmas blocks keep rolling in. I'm hoping I can get Susan's quilt top sewn together this weekend. I rcvd a bunch more blocks yesterday, Here's what came.

Santa Blocks by Gail N. and Carol E... And also Susan Blocks from: Jenny R and Jennifer H.
All were generous to send multiple blocks, I will keep one block from each person for Susan's quilt...Please know I appreciate the extra blocks. I will most likely use the extras in other projects, when a need arrives.  My goal is to put the top together this weekend, so whatever comes between today and tomorrow will make the front... And maybe a strip of them across the back too, if more come Saturday.

Thank you Ladies for all you HELP!! It is SO appreciated.

Michele has some very clever quilters giving you a block a day over at her site too! 
Don't miss the deals!!  Go see all the blocks and deals that are up!


  1. Oh I've gotta catch up too....this is the curse of travel :0).
    It is gonna be a really cute quilt dontcha think?

    Happy Sewing, hope you can keep those many projects going!

  2. All your projects look fabulous, don't know which is a favorite. Maybe BOM. Didn't know you had another talent, book singing, LOL. Hey, we are excited about your book coming out and happy for you.

  3. Oh how I hope my blocks makes it to you. It's a Lemoyne Star, turq/coral with the white corners/tri's.

  4. Ooops, I must have missed jackie's post about the Sept. block; thanks for the headsup! And I've got a Santa block to make, too...

  5. It must be getting cooler there your quilt wall samples look like squirls busy storing up for winter.
    seriously looks really good and I'm sure it makes you happy to have it all working.
    December 6th you say I want to be there too.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Oh I love your blogger's blocks. And those low value/volume whatevers are very soothing. I have to dive into that. Can't wait for your book!! That is so exciting.


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