Monday, October 1, 2012

Ay, Ay, Ay!

Remember this quilt I bought last summer?  Well, I am remaking it because I really need another hand project!  (sarcasm? maybe!) I just love the quilt, and it has just the right amount of hand work for me! 

I have all my blades laid out so that I have hand sewing projects for the next few months of travels!  I had found this fabulous GRUNGE fabric by Moda and made my first block.  I loved the crazy fabric for this traditional style quilt...

I soon realized I wouldn't have enough of the background, so I ordered new fabric. 
Low and behold the fabric did not match the picture...

So I ordered again, trying to find the aqua blue with the dashes of lime green in it ( makes sense with my green leaves)  and look what I got this time? See below?  Not the same... I give up...

If you are going to make selvages with the name on them, why not give each colorway a correct number so reordering might be easier?  One doesn't get to see the circle color dots on the internet, to check if it's right... and no one locally carried this fabric... 

 ¡Ay, caramba!

The fabric at the TOP is what I wanted, the middle is my first reorder, the third is my last reorder... Well, It does have GREEN in it, but a dark green... Oh well...

I guess you will see a whole bunch of AQUA quilts coming from me! I have a load of yardage of each of them now! I've given into the fact that I won't have the "Aqua with GREEN"... So I am just going to have one block with it...

Another trick of the quilt historians...
 "Did she mean to use only one block of the Aqua and Green?"
Oh well... Sometimes you have to roll with it...  It will make it more interesting right?

 Helen and Tove's Santa Blocks arrived! How sweet are they!
Thanks Ladies!

The light was amazing this morning, coming into my studio... The season definitely has changed! Hello FALL!

Have you had some unexpected fabric surprises from ordering online? 
Generally I get it right, but this was my first, "Oh! Good golly, NO!" Experience...


  1. it took me 3 tries to find the matching Fassett shot cotton for the bg fabrics for this top ( the wip ):

    I had bought the fabric on a market and ran out of it. The first try to buy more was via the internet, then with a catalogue and finally I found the right fabric on a market again :-)
    I will use the most of it for the backing of the quilt ;-)

  2. You will find a way to make it work - I have no doubt!! It is a difficult challenge when we buy because we like and then plan a quilt later.

  3. I order pretty much 100% online and have only had a few "oopses".
    once or twice with i got someto't hing i didn't order or ordered the wrong thing and both times i called and got a refund and was told to keep the fabric or donate it...

  4. What an unusual block pattern. I love it. Makes me want to start a hand-applique quilt. :)

  5. Yep...been through the same background dilemma very recently. The original background is cream based and what I bought online was white based...same print just not the right color.

    I never did find the background that I needed. So I'm having to come up with a plan B...ugh. It's so depressing because the background I've been trying to match is depressing.

  6. I rarely buy on-line. I have to "see it to believe it" when it comes to fabric. ;-) I love the puzzle you will provide to future historians. LOL!

  7. I bought a yard of a background that is a soft tan and cream, thought I found more on line, picture and number were correct, and I got yellow/gold in the same print. I tried to get the online shop to let me return it (I bought 4 yards, so I figured they would be able to resell most or all of it), but no dice, its still waiting to be a backing.

  8. Wow, I'd never have known there were so many variants of that one colour! I'll be happy to pay for the middle one and take it off your hands if you don't want to keep it all? Let me know :)

  9. It's going to be a great quilt. I think the non-matching fabric will give it more interest--and mystery.

  10. That's why I always buy at least 3 yards if I like a fabric and 5 if I really like it. Seriously, that inconsistency is crazy!

  11. Sorry about your troubles. I had trouble with a catalog. Picture was alot lighter than the fabric that arrived. I sent it back, but what they sent was again the same thing... (I'd bet they didn't even look at the pictrue in the catalog.) Anyway, a customer is always right, which means I never ordered from them again. I've had good results from Thousands of Bolts.

  12. I've received the wrong fabric twice (and was told to keep or donate) with the error corrected swiftly by and Fabric Depot. A couple of times the scale of a print has been hugely larger or smaller than I'd thought from the online pic. Now, unless I'm familiar with the fabric, I only buy from online stores that include a ruler in the photo, or who clearly state all photos show a 6" (or whatever size) swatch.

  13. I understand the problem with the grunges! i stock them in my shop and when a roll runs out, it inevitably come in in a slightly different pastiche on re-order. I guess it makes life interesting! Who doesn't like a challenge, right? ;)

  14. You crack me up. I have running dialogs with the quilt historians, too, sometimes, as I'm sewing!

  15. It will be gorgeous~
    I had the same problem with some Moda 3 Sisters Martinique fabrics - I tried to locate them by selvage # but they were completely different fabrics within the same line - not even close like yours!
    I finally found it by calling a quilt shop, describing and sending photos of what I wanted. Big shout out to Yankee Quilter in Wallingford CT!

  16. I'm like you-- just adds to the interest! But frustrating, for sure.

  17. I think this is why we all have so much fabric! Trying to get the "just right fabric" for the look we want. Darn I might just go back to muslin for backgrounds :0(.
    this is going to be lovely....did you finish your "black Hawaiian"?

    Happy Sewing

  18. omg love this applique quilt that should be on my design wall!!!!
    trying to reorder fabric we bought is so hard to get the same dyelot but thats a different color! wow, guess you have a few aqua quilts in your future, I like aqua and red :)

  19. Now you'll just have to make different colored leaves for each block!


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