Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I have a new project I started yesterday... Something has been missing in my work lately, and it took me a bit to see what I was.  You can get so wrapped up in a style ( pieced quilts)  and then realize, some thing's not quite right. I need to let me fabric fly!

Making it up as I go...

Rather like my paintings, back when I still was working in that medium, is a favorite for me. Right now I'm in the PLAY stage.

Why is play important? It may sound simple or naive, but in fact, PLAY is the base of all learning. A child learns the most through play. A child's job is tho play and we, as adults take on WORK as our job. Why do we rename it, and call it something so boring & tedious? Play still happens, and I feel, changing our thinking about  work and play, and call it something FUN, can bring the JOY back in whatever our WORK is. Play, experiment, trial and error...makes us grow...
Making mistakes are where we learn.
And in that case, Play is quite sophisticated. hardly naive at all, and quilters/artists of all ages and talent can learn a thing or two, from playing.

So... for me, PLAY is a serious thing, and it is a extremely fun place to base all my work from...

I may not be a KID anymore, who can idle away the hours in playtime. But I can certainly call it what it is, to inspire me to create.

So, for today,


And I shall enjoy the journey!
Yesterday I rcvd blocks from Karen L, Kathleen R.  and Carolyn F. Thanks ladies for helping out! I wonder what the postman will bring today!


  1. Playing with the fabric is my favorite part! I think I'll do that today. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Enjoy your day of play! Looking forward to seeing what it creates.

  3. So wish we could PLAY together today!

  4. Never considered play as learning, but it's true. I love trying something it curiosity or adventure. I don't always finish UFO's either. I am hoping they will be finished by someone else years from now.

  5. I love the fabrics you are playing with, can't wait to see what evolves.

  6. I do need to play more! I love the white fabric with the black squares and all the fabrics with circles/dots. I will enjoy watching this project develop!

  7. Are you going to top stitch the top pieces? How are you putting it together? I copied your "Play is the base of all learning" for my Art Journal Thanks!

  8. I love how creative your play makes you V, you have certainly been inspiring me to be more free and to play with my fabrics and designs more (have a long way to go yet though!!). xo

  9. Great post. I love playing with fabrics and see what happens! The best things happen when I play.

  10. Oh I so needed to hear this. Been in the finish it up mode too long! Thanks.


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