Sunday, September 9, 2012


I was in town this weekend, so I snuck down to the Empire Quilt meeting. Glad I did! Gloria Loughman was the speaker, and she had some very beautiful quilts to gaze at!  What a treat!  Then my friend, Encyclopedia, and I went over to City Quilter and did some damage...  Well, I did pretty well, but she insists it was all my fault that she bought the store out... (  I may or may not disagree)  I didn't twist her arm or force bolts of fabric on her or anything like that...Well, maybe one...

LOADS to do this week! I'm getting organized for Quilters Take Manhattan this weekend!  The evening event is here in my loft, so I've got to make space, clean up, all the usual stuff, which means, I pretty much do the opposite, I make a big old mess... But it's all good. It will be great fun,and I'm great under last minute pressure!

If your around, come on down to F.I.T. or heck, even up to my loft Saturday night!

 or   stay at home and buy the HOME TICKET! 
Then you can see/hear Denyse Schmidt, Jennifer Chiaverini, AND you get a goody bag!!!

Home Ticket (includes event goody bag, first access to event video footage and door prize chances..: $25.00
How cool is that?  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Be sure to swing by City quilter also.  The Quilt Alliance HOUSE quilts will be on display! Including mine!
I'm going to make a few more blocks before I pack it all up and make it all nice looking...
A (quilty) girl has to do what a (quilty) girl has to do!


  1. I recently took a class - Light Up Your Landscape - with Gloria. It was my first course ever and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am taking my wall hanging with me to quilting club today and will be attaching the hanging sleeve.

  2. Wow lots of Christmas fun coming up at your house.

  3. Love the blended soft girlie look of your blocks.

  4. Hello Victoria, I am creating a color theory presentation for Portland Modern Quilt Guild and would like your permission to use the last block pictured here, the low volume imrpov. Its' stunning! Best,


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