Wednesday, August 8, 2012

this and that

Floundering around...

I'm unpacking my goodies I purchased on my Minnesota/Iowa/Nebraska trip.  Now that I am here for a few days more, I'm stuck on what to begin on!  What shall I do??   
I have some hand sewing projects under way,(two done and two basted ready to go)  I should just stick with those... right?  Except I prefer to do hand work at night... I figure run the noisy sewing machine during the day...  But look how cute that vintage dress pattern is?  Hmmm, you know me and cotton summer dresses... 

I had to ship home a box of goodies, should be here Thursday... But I wanted to show you the quilt top I found in Iowa... I have never found a red, green, yellow, quilt in a thrift shop, so when I spotted this I snatched it right up. It has all that I like, odd block design, hand stitching, and that SAME GREEN as my other 1880 vintage blocks that I bought in Ohio!  Hand stitched, lovely. Then Michele turned it over and there was a "Tag" attached tot he quilt, and on it, it said something about being documented by the Iowa quilt...something or other,  so I went to the QUILT INDEX....

You all the know the Quilt Index right? Go browse!  A huge amount of gorgeous quilts at your finger tips! 
My Quilt top is there! CLICK HERE! Unfortunately, they do not have a lot of info on it either...But all the same, I find it very interesting that the quilt was purchased in Houston, and ended up in a TINY antique store in IOWA.

This is what I mean about saving our Quilt stories... What journey has this quilt already been on? Who made it? etc. etc....

Quilt Alliance, people.... Go sign up and be a member and get involved!  ;-)

And also, LABEL YOUR QUILTS!!! The really cool thing about making quilts is that they will out last us!  Save a bit of your own history and label your quilts.
Do you LABEL??

How do you do it? Print off labels, Make your own, embroider?   
 Share how you LABEL YOUR QUILTS.

Here's another quilt I picked up... It's Orange.  ORANGE! My favorite color! and it's so funky... raw edge appliqued by hand, so it' snot int he best of condition... but it is so sweet, and all fully intact...Odd and lovely.

OK, Have I procrastinated enough?  I do think I will start a pile of paperwork... LOL! Will save my hand sewing for watching the Olympics...
Gasp, I nearly forgot... No Olympics watching tonight...
I have to take Boo to a ... It's hard to even say it...
Boy Band.
Where are my ear plugs.

Cody Simpson, Big Time Rush and Rachel Crow.

You feel for me don't you?
 I offered to sit in the car and wait for 2.5 hours, but no luck.



  1. I sign my name, the year, and the title in my quilting stitches on the bottom of most of my quilts. It can't fall off that way!

  2. Ear plugs for sure. Save your hearing and Boo's too!

  3. I DO feel for you *LOL* but your trip seems to have been wonderful. Love your quilts and the fabric too.

  4. Hubby offered to take me to see Rush :) awesome !!
    I love the red yellow green quilt , it looks like it could look really kool on your NY loft wall ?? Do you have a quilt wall maybe that you can rotate showing a quilt ? It almost looks like Judie Rothermell fabrics that I currently have. Barb Brachman also has "Calicoes" which could be used to make that quilt or something similar..

  5. ooops I signed in with the wrong email, sorry bout that my email is

  6. Sometimes I will print my label on the computer...sometimes I will hand embroider for a special person...sometimes it's a combo of both...but there is always a label of some sort

  7. Love the "vintage" patterns - although, since I remember sewing the long COOL jumpsuit pattern, does that make ME vintage too? haha - Mine was of Hot Pink cotton, worn with a white tee shirt (with shoulder pads of course), and a big white belt. and big pink hoop earrings.
    have fun tonight!

  8. oh wow, those are a couple of amazing scores! both incredible, but the flourescent orange is a hoot. hope you can hear today. you did a good thing. My mom took me to see the Bay City Rollers and it was the highlight of my tween years.

  9. Have fun at the Squee and gigglefest!!!!!!

  10. Fabulous finds. Giggling over the Boy Band concert. When my daughter was at that age she loved N Sync (boy band of early 2000). We bought 3 tickets for a Christmas surprise gift. One for her, one for a friend, and one for Dad to take the girls. :o) Daughter got a t-shirt printed for Dad that said Way Out of Sync Dad.

    Labels -- I'm very bad at it. One day no one will know who made my quilts!

  11. Enjoy the bands and all the excitement. Mother daughter bonding
    is a good thing.
    good thing "eye candy' isn't fattening you scored heaps.

    Labels well the quilts I give away have them.

  12. Dearly love the red, green & yellow quilt blocks and the bright darling orange quilt! You do find the treasures!

  13. GREAT stuff!! I use a label program to make my labels (can't think of the name of it-- by HP) and print the label on prefused fabric. Iron it on and voila'! Label done!

  14. Love your purchases, especially the orange one.

    Let us know how you survived the concert!
    : )

  15. You find the coolest quilts! Love the orange!


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