Monday, August 6, 2012

Quilt Alliance weekend.

Michael Cummings
I'm home very briefly before the next leg of the travel journey.  Time enough to unpack and pack again! I can say that we definitely TOOK Omaha, at our Quilt Alliance, Quilter's Take Omaha event at Accuquilt headquarters!

Let me remind you that QUILTER'S TAKE MANHATTAN was a huge success last year, and this year will be even better!  
You did see that Denyse Schmidt will be there right?  
And Jennifer Chiaverini?  Have you read her Elm Creek Series? Good stuff!
And Mark Lipinski!

If you can make it in person we have NEW this year a HOME ticket! Yes! You can sit at home and watch the events and get a goodie bag!!  Go on now, Dont' miss this!

Back to Accuquilt, what a great place to work! Steve Nabity, chief energizing officer, as he calls himself, I'd insert BUNNY for sure, this guy does not stop moving and motivating his staff. Beach balls, fake microphones, you name it, he know show to keep his staff motivated, and we welcome him to the Board of Quilt Alliance.
Linda and MeriKay during the Q.S.O.S. interview

 Accuquilt is also lucky to have Linda Pumphrey on their staff, and Linda shared with us what is behind the Doors behind her.... The New Accuquilt headquarters has their own Quilt Gallery. AMAZING.  Is all I can say. I'm sorry I don't have images of what is inside... I'm scratching my head because I know I took pictures, and they are not on my camera.... Linda has just retired from the board of the Alliance, so we had a very nice party for her, and we did her Q.S.O.S. Interview and it was fascinating to hear her stories of working at Mountain Mist for years... Amazing stuff... She was interviewed by MeriKay Waldovogel, Quilt historian, author, and another great person to meet.
Another fabulous new Board Member is Brenda Groelz from Handiquilter! She was a wealth of information and another truly lovely person. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing our board meetings are... 

Jean Ray Laury
I'm sure it looks like it was all fun and games, like a visit to the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln , NE... Yes, we saw amazing quilts by Jean Ray Laury(ICON!), Michael Cummings (amazing) in the SAQA exhibit...and other beautiful things. Yes, we had a behind the scenes tour of the Museum by Fellow board member who works there, Marin Hanson... ( Quilt pics here are all from the Museum ) but....

But we really did work hard at our board meeting. And I can tell you, Not to miss getting involved in the Quilt Alliance.  We are actively trying to document, preserve and share our quilt history through our programs.  And we need your support and become members, for $25, so that we can continue to help save the stories of our quilts, and our quilters. It's such a HUGE part of Women's History in particular.

Are you a Member?

Will you become one, please?
click here.

Then repost the Quilt Alliance link, FB it, tweet it, and get your friends to  hold back on that 2 yards of fabric so they can become members too!  Or better yet, GIFT a quilter her membership!

We've added a new Program for capturing your quilt stories, Called "Go Tell it at the Quilt Show" These are three minute interviews, you talking about your quilt. Do you know how many stories we here about quilts? Got an iphone?  Capture those moments!

And Q.S.O.S. Quilter's Save our Stories, is the 45 minute interview of a(any) quilter, that yes, YOU can do this. Click here for info on learning how to do these on your own, and or at your guild meetings! We do 3-4 of them a year at our MOD meeting.

You can be a part of saving our stories and history.

Tell me if your a member! 
or if you will become one!

Board member at work: Alex Veronelli, Lisa Ellis, Brenda Groelz, Allie Aller, Jannekan Smucker, Meg Cox, Amy Milne, Jodie Davis, Linda Pumphrey, Luke Haynes, Michele Muska, Marin Hanson, Not pictured here are Myself, and Steve Nabity


  1. I will gladly become a member. I love to share the stories of the quilts that I have and want to preserve their history. One day, I'm going to visit the Quilt Study Center!

  2. One member at a time! Thank You Sandi! We need your support! Are you a member? Please shout it out!

  3. I've been meaning to join, and just did. Thanks for making it easy!

  4. Already a member of this great organization - can't wait for the NYC event.

  5. Saving history, one quilt at a time. Is the museum in Omaha the one at the university where all of the amazing old quilts are stored?

  6. I am a member and looking forward to the NYC event! :)

  7. I'm a member (even joined twice -- forgot I had joined!) Have my tix for NYC event

  8. What a cool thing to serve on this board. I will have to read more about it. I'm familiar with the museum in Lincoln (though never been there), but I'm not familiar with the organization. Off to learn more!


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