Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Road trip

Savored my last day at the cabin... Feet up, stitching in hand.... It's been a great trip and I am ready for the next lag of the journey. Today I pick up Michele, and Head to OMAHA! We have the day to visit some shops, and antique stores along the way, before the meetings and Friday night event! FUN!
Will you be there? You can still buy tickets!

The last two days were spent resting and visiting... Last night Beautiful new mom, Heather, Hubby Joel and new wee babe came for a visit across the lake! Heather and I met because I came across her blog and realized, she lived on the same lake as where I have my cabin! Love her fabrics and quilts, and truly great people.  I'm so happy for them on the new addition!!! Hop over to her blog and say hi, and see all her gorgeous pics... She's quilt the knitter too!

Monday, Michael, Boo and I popped over to LAKE PULASKI!  My friend, MARY, whom many of you know through her blog, had us over for lunch and a boat ride and a cool dip in the lake!  
You can see Boo had a great time... Driving the boat came before a long tube ride around the lake! Thanks Mary for a great day!!!
Will be home Sunday.  I wonder if my studio is still there...LOL! (Missing me like I miss it?)

By the way!

Don't wait to long! Get your tickets now for Quilter's Take Manhattan!

Did you know that if you can not attend, you can buy a HOME TICKET??? You can enjoy the event from your home!!!  Go to the ticket page for details.

Denyse Schmidt!      Jennifer Chiaverini!      Mark Lipinski! 

Fun stuff people! Auctions of fabulous quilt items, Prizes! FUN!

Come!!!! Lets say hi!

Have a great day! Time for me to hit the road!


  1. It looks like a great place to relax and have fun. It is nice that you have met so many friends in the area.


  2. Very fun! Hope you said hi to Mary for me! I follow Heather's blog, but I've never met her. Glad you got to see her. Are you going to go to the quilt shop in Gretna, NE? I really like it.

  3. What a wonderful summer you are having.

  4. Looks like you're having a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing more!!

  5. We had SO much fun hosting a little visit by your family V!!! Great photo of Boo driving our boat.
    Love seeing the photo of Heather and her sweet little guy. Come back to Minnesota soon.

  6. Onto the next stop! Love it! Boo looks like she's having fun driving the boat. She's a natural!

    And your quilt find....BEAUTIFUL!

  7. I've kept it your studio warm for ya...smiles....enjoy..oh how I wish I can find some antiques..perhaps I need to plan a day out to the back woods for antiques...

  8. Your summer looks like so much fun and quite eventful I'd say! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  9. Little stays at the cabin are good for ya! Have fun in Omaha!


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