Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dog days

No matter where I look, there is a DOG on a QUILT.  Either they are laying on one folded on the couch, stacked on the floor, or on the one I am working on... 
 Like here... Jenny Egg has perched herself, and I can not turn my quilt...  So I tug and tug...and I tug...

 Then she readjusts, or goes BONELESS when you try to move her...

Then she watches you with those big sweet eyes and falls asleep.  You think she's so darn cute, that you don't bother to move her, and you sneak away quietly.

Yes, that is one spoiled dog.

Pinch and a Punch for the First of the month!


  1. spoiled dog :-) so cute.
    If my dog did that, I'd freak! he's a 140lb bullmastiff who slobbers A LOT!! and he HAS slobbered on several of my quilts, if it's personal ones we have around the house, it's okay then I'll wash them, but not on new ones I intend to giveaway.

  2. Oh my goodness! So cute! Love the pics! My schnoodle LOVES my quilts and always sneaks his way onto every single one of them. Sometimes I think he's jealous of the time I'm spending with my quilts :) He's such a spoiled little guy! And yes, he's featured on my blog :)

  3. Flipping heck !!! I forgot it is F,O,M already and no summer yet n England

    Quilters dogs have the best beds!!

  4. Is it summer? I hadn't noticed! Looks like Jenny Egg has taken (or given) some lessons to my cat. Here's to July, lets hope this month brings us summer.

  5. Oh they are adorable. Hugs to the furry ones.

  6. They are so cute, I go through the same with my cats. A
    quilt is an invitation to nap.


  7. You have one very smart dog too V, she knows the best place in the world is on a quilt! xo

  8. Hehe, my cats are just like that. And just as indulged.

  9. Too cute....looks like easy living in the country for both man and beast :0).
    Our pool is warmer than it has ever been on the 1st of about yours?

    Happy Summer

  10. Hit and a kick for being so quick.
    Pets always keep their humans on the right track. happy Binding

  11. I've got a dog exactly like that who is boneless when you try to move her!! She's a poorly pooch at the moment so even more endulged than usual!

  12. really what is a quilt without a little dog hair in it! LOL but my little dog burrows under them!

  13. Lucky dogs and lucky you. They look so sweet. I had to put my little girl to sleep on March 30 of this year, seems like yesterday. There's nothing like a sweet dog sleeping in your lap. Miss my girl, love seeing your dogs being spoiled!


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