Friday, June 29, 2012

Week wrap up!

Jackie's BOM Block 10!  I can't believe we are up to TEN already.  My Block is next month! Dang! Time flies.  I remember when Jackie was setting this up, and I thought, July 2012, oh, that is soooo far away.... LOL!
This month's Block is by Pam Kitty Morning, click for the tutorial link.
Although I am sure most of you have l already made yours! I usually do mine right away, but I nearly fell over the other when I realized next week is July.  And that I had missed the 25th posting!  My computer here at my house is ANCIENT, and it makes posting very tedious and time sucking... ;-(

I do love my shirtings blocks!   I can't wait to get them together into a quilt.So. What have I done all week since I wasn't posting!  The week totally escaped me...
Machine Quilting...
Remember that picture of me basting a huge quilt... Well. It took me all week to quilt it, and I am happy to sway I am now ready to hand bind!  Then I can send it off to the new owners, once they have their quilt, I can show you without it being all crumpled up!

I tried some new feathers on this quilt, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I definitely had a learning curve on this one... That's good, one needs to learn things... I can't wait to wash it and block it.
And yes... I spent more time outdoors and in the kitchen this week... Garden is weeded, flowers are cut.
We've all had very happy tummies!  Chocolate strawberry smoothies yesterday.... Strawberries, Vanilla Yogurt, homemade chocolate sauce, and honey... Boy oh boy, they were good! Slurp!

Next up is our yearly favorite: Curried Fresh Pea soup.  I plant 6 rows of shell peas every year just so we can have this soup. Hoping to write down the recipe when I make it this time. I usually wing it, but I need to add it to my food blog.

I also pulled more beets from my garden. THIS recipe is pure heaven. We ate it ALL last week, and we want more! Recipe is already on my food blog. Just click, and go enjoy heaven!

There you have my highlights.  I am now going to surf for a new computer... sigh.


  1. I want to go to the farmer's market this weekend and buy beets! I've always wanted to try fresh beets. Yes please, post the curried pea soup recipe. Your BOM quilt with the shirtings is such fun. I'm waaaaaay behind on my blocks.

  2. LOVE the shirting fabric blocks! Wow!

  3. fun shirting blocks, yummy veggies, and you look very relaxed and well with the beautiful hydrangea!

  4. Oh! And I can't wait to see that quilt in its full glory!

  5. Your harvest looks so yummy, my beets are about 1" out of the ground right now. We sure could use some sunshine to get our gardens growing over here. Congrats on the finish, this looks like the one you did with the military uni's. I'm excited to see it all finished.

  6. My beets are not ready yet but soon.

    I'm loving all your blocks and look forward to seeing the one you create.

  7. Wonderful blocks and love shirtings in quilts. You reminded me of my grandmother's snap peas, she grew them along a fence on the side of the yard.


  8. Get an Apple'll never look back! Love your blog and all the wonderful things you do!

  9. Your blocks look great! I'm going to try your plum cake, have a box of just picked plums. Thanks!

  10. I really enjoy your blog.It is one of there that I check just about every day.Great inspiration.oh and since your interview with Pat Sloan I feel so much better about not sorting my fabric according to color so much...I have been enjoying the 15 minutes to play ( my own silly version, but I often try things posted on your link) How liberating and fun! It is amazing how just 15 minutes of improvisational or "break outside of the rules" sewing a day its helping me right our of a rut I have been in for quite some time. Thanks for the impression.oh I tried the beet salad recipe tonight-didn't have walnuts so I used was yummy!!!!!!

  11. Waiting for your curried pea soup recipe....Had the beet salad last night. Mmmmmmmmmm

  12. Thank you Machelle! I couldnt' respond to your email, as it was a no reply. Thank you for taking the time to comment!
    Glad you like the Beet salad! All of you who tried it! YUM!


  14. You are a beautiful woman, Victoria, and I love this post because of its natural amaze me with how much you get done and your talent and then I see beets you are cooking up. Chica, you are a neat person.


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