Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm in a bind... 

A binding state of mind?

I came home and had a box back from my friend Shelly who quilted three quilts for me! 
It's like Christmas!!  The top one is for my bed, I'm anxious to have it finished! 
These two are two baby quilts.   The one on the left was made last fall with DIVINE by Windham fabrics  (old post here) and the right, Thomas Knauer's new line of fabric FLOCK. Soft snugly quilts.  Feels goo do have them done!  

Speaking of BABY QUILTS...
Stop back Thursday HERE to win a copy of Marie Bostwick's new Book, Ties that Bind!  

( see the BINDING theme going here?  )  
(read it to find find out about the baby quilts reference!)

But you can also  Visit Michele tomorrow as she kicks off a 
week of chances to win Marie's new book.

Tuesday, April 24
Michele - Quilting Gallery -
Jackie - Canton Village Quilt Works -
Wendy - Ivory Spring -

 I spent time in my garden this weekend, just in time for the RAIN! YAY! For RAIN! 
 I had my helpers too...The dogs are great at laying exactly on top of the rows you are planting. 
 Boo was an excellent helper planting peas!  Now it's going to be cool all week... 

I'm having Cabin fever/Summer fever... It's so close I can taste it!  I want heat...
(I say as I sit here shivering...)

Have you done any garden work yet?
Or are you lucky enough to be somewhere warm and already harvesting?


  1. Oh I am having cabin fever too, only mine is because it's raining!!! We had beautiful weather in March and thought the spring was here(France), it's now more like winter again! Love the quilts! Hugs Linda

  2. What lucky babies, I love these fabrics. Our greenhouse in Scotland is full of trays of vegetables refusing to be planted in the cold, very wet ground. But it's good quilting weather!

  3. Love the baby quilts.
    We tilled our garden this week. So fun to get the garden ready and anticipate a bountiful harvest.

  4. I actually just put the heat on its cold here. Crazy!!!

  5. Yeh, it got cold here again, too. And I was all ready for summer . . . My Cowboy won't let me plant anything because: "I don't want to sit idly by and watch you kill poor unsuspecting plants!" My thumbs are nowhere near green. I should stick to quilting.

  6. So fun to see you Friday! Your city is a blast. We made it home safely. Got some lettuce planted, but that's about it.

  7. SPRING FEVER!!! It's been in the 70's the last two days in SEATTLE...not planting but definitely playing in the dirt. Just came in for a shower. Your quilts are FABULOUS! Love the colors!

  8. I live in Florida and we are eating broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, beans and squash with tomatoes formed and all the herbs ready to use.

  9. Hey, Victoria - you left 'Bama too soon! Been riding around in with my convertible top down all week... come back! Bring your precious 'tween, visit our sugar beaches on the gulf coast - ask me WHERE you want to be... I know some cool places to visit...

    Love you,
    Suzy (from the Gees Bend group!)


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