Thursday, September 1, 2011

DIVINE play : NEW Windham line

I had some DIVINE play recently...

I used a charm pack of DIVINE, and highlighted each with Solids and
 set them with some
 9 patch/ monkey wrench blocks and bordered them 
with a lavender and white stripe...

Very soft and sweet.

 I love the green, pink and blue cat print 
and the orange and hot pink mixture... really sweet...

Which of these colors do you like best?

Time to quilt it!  And prepare it for some sweet young child who will be 
coming into the world soon.

Do you have big Labor Day weekend plans?


  1. Very Sweet Victoria!!! Just love all the color. I;m so glad you faired the weather well. Sandie

  2. The photo of the quilt on the fence looks electric!! Just like you.

  3. What a lovely quilt, great photo that last one with you in it!! I like the toile looking fabrics. xo

  4. Your display fence looks just like mine half a world away. With out the beautiful quilt.
    Father's Day and 40 years in Australia this weekend. THEN on Tuesday off to Cyprus to meet Valentina. Too Excited.
    Enjoy the last of summer and the start of a new school year.

  5. Love the aqua/blue.
    Going to catch up on lots things: sleep, cleaning, sewing, reading....

  6. Darling quilt. In San Diego, there have been 4 shark sightings in the last few days. We will not be swimming over the weekend!!

  7. Sweet, indeed! My Labor Day weekend plans include going to the drive-in movies, a special karate seminar on doing the Bo Kata with my Bo Staff, and most importantly, taking Monday off (it is not a holiday at my job).

  8. Sweet quilt. I like the colors in this line. The blue and orange floral is my favorite.

  9. Labor Day??? Well, I'll be designing a block for Victoria!! How fun... hope I think of something great... Kate

  10. Love the brightness! Love the line too! But my oh my... that is very white for you...

  11. That is so sweet!
    I love the fat white/pink stripe.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. It's beautiful! Love the orange/pink combo :-)

  13. Fantastic shot of you and the quilt, Victoria! Loved your post about all your wonderful dresses, and you look fabulous in jeans, too! Encouraging for the likes of me, trying to shed a few (ahem) pounds!

  14. So sweet. I like the fat stripes on cream background.

  15. Love the colors, they give it so much energy

  16. This is so cute, and lots of room for your beautiful quilting. Labor day will bring a full day of sewing with new friends I met at my Gwen Marston class, and then 2 days of company with my gal pal who came to NYC with me. She finally landed a job, so a quick trip back to the city for her and then she gets back to the daily 9 -5 world.

  17. Very pretty. White?! It really sets off the fabric nicely.

  18. NO WHITE! ;-)
    It's a LAVENDER stripe...
    pheew! you might have thought I'd "lost it" by using white!

  19. This is a beautiful modern quilt. The divine patterns look amazing with the solid colours and the lavender stripe (!). I am really looking forward to getting back to some sewing.


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