Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quilting Gods are rumbling...

Well! I am so surprised that so many of you are like me, poking along on their Hexies! I am feeling like I am in pretty good company now!  I should just take the silly thing and make it my travel quilt, and ONLY work on it on vacations...  

Judith won my heart! She said she finished a KING size Hexagon quilt but it took her 35 years! 
35 years!!! (plus it's a KNG!! ...be still me King size quilted heart!)

I'd like to have  a bunch of interesting things to show you today, but as I was sewing, Machine number ONE, stopped abruptly. Machine Number TWO was sitting by the door as it was acting up and not sewing very nicely.... So I picked up MACHINE NUMBER THREE, which I just got back from the repair shop a week ago; It's a Bernina, Which I have never used, plugged it in, and.....


No power. 
Same thing I brought it in for a three weeks ago...

So darn! To bad I left the hexies at my house, or else I could have a good reason to sit and hand sew right  now!  ALL three machines are out of commission...

This really bites.

I do have my featherweight, but blasted if I don't know how to thread the darn thing... And after driving a Juki, well, 90 MPH vs. 6 MPH.. I might as well be hand sewing!

Just to top off all the hexagon talk, look what came in the mail to me yesterday....

Are the QUILTING GODS trying to tell me something??  

Don't Strike me down!! I hear ya!

Let me find my needle!

I Better get to it, the skies are clouding over my building!


  1. No one told me there was a choice of colors for my Juki! Darn it! I just have the boring white one.....but at 90 mph.....who really cares, right!?!

  2. Bummer! I hate it when my machine is in the shop . . . Clearly the Gods are telling you something! Haha.

  3. Too weird for words! The "H word" isn't really so bad, you know.....

  4. yes it's a sign! Glad you got your stitch going.. wink!

  5. When your fingers get sore from holding a needle and you want to go back to a machine...


  6. I can't imagine taking 35 years to make a quilt, lol.
    I would work more on mine if it didn't kill my fingers, I tend to poke myself constantly, so have to break from it.


  7. Dang that is a bummer to have so many out of commission at once. My featherweight originally sewed super slow & I got a new motor and it is much improved. Supposedly the chemicals used to clean up old motors and get them going are outlawed these days so a new motor is the safest fix. Hope you get one back soon!

  8. I have a hexagon wip of my own. Started it about 15 years ago and only worked on it when sitting at a multitude of kids' sports practices. If I ever finish it I will call it "Going Nowhere Fast.". Right now it is just going nowhere. I have coveted that Juki machine for years. I was machine-less most of the summer. I hope your fate turns out better than mine. I m still trying to get my quilting mojo back.

  9. There's ONE trick to threading the featherweight. Put the thread in the needle the OPPOSITE way you do for the other machines. See if that works. ;) I'd HATE to be without a machine....you poor thing.

  10. here's a link to threading the FW, page 10: http://www.singer-featherweight.com/sitetwopages/singfea.pdf
    what's wrong with the Jukis? Mine is nearly a year old and it sews great. keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. i feel your pain......as i too am without a machine. i took it to the shop to be repaired and got it back two weeks ago, it was fine for a week and now it's back to it's old tricks.
    The good news is, that i am getting a new machine at the end of the month for my birthday!!, the end of the month has never felt further away!.
    i hope you get something fixed soon. in the meantime, hexies look like the way to go.

  12. All 3 out of action! Oh Boy, that's just the pits! Juki #1 went off via courier today for a major service, thankfully I'm still flush on reserves. Sometimes V the messages come loud and clear, you just gotta listen :) Happy hand piecing :) (and thank you for the beautiful card too )

  13. What is it about hexies? I got mine out about a week ago and have been frantically working on them since but only because. . .you guessed it. . .I'm going out of town Friday and wanted to have something to work on while I'm gone.

  14. There's those hexies again, is it a trend ? or just fun to make ? I got mine out too ! http://underthlighthousequilting.blogspot.com/

  15. Wow!! Talk about long odds!! All 3 machines!! I have a small hexie project going too. No plans, just wanted to have some handwork. Looks like that's what you'll be doing until you get a machine up and running. Good luck!!

  16. My goodness! I got my hexe package yesterday from the same company. My is 1.5" since last time I ordered 3/4". I have only two semesters to finish a king size piece for my final exhibition. My first package started 2 years ago and I only have 5 "flower" units hand-pieced.

  17. So sorry to hear that! I bought a backup machine a while back so I would always have one funtioning macine, but now they both need service. I dread handing them over to the service guy because I never know what I get back and he is the only one who can do chech ups on my machine. It's very annoying getting it back with the same problems you brought it in for, or sometimes even worse!

  18. I bought a Juki this year , LOVE IT


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