Monday, October 17, 2011

Honeycomb crazy

Two new Hexagon quilts... Thank you ebay... These two are Double knits,(can you believe that!) heavy and so warm! I have seen very few hexagons from double knit, and hand quilted.

Perhaps the reason I bought these is to make up for my OWN Hexagon quilts that seem to never get finished!

I did a load of hand quilting on this one, then got bored quilting the borders....  Although every time I take this out, I want to sit right down and quilt on it some more...

This one  is now about 6 years old... it's still not growing....  I take this one out periodically and look at it... then put it away... and think about it... sigh. one day.
My mother found this in a thrift shop a while back... perhaps my own hexagon will become a
"I've had enough of this" quilt and I will cheat and stitch it down onto something else...
LOL... Oh, the old many projects, not enough time...

Last Friday I took Helen, and went to the MET to see 10 of their quilts in the back rooms... very cool.
We saw this quilt, and it made me week in the knees... The woman who made this ,was married to a man who imported cotton textiles in the NY area, so she had amazing fabrics in this that she carefully fussy cut every block to make interesting patterns rather like a one block wonder...
Even that border is carefully cut and artfully arranged....
By the way, You can see all of the MET's quilts online...  

and this BOOK is published of their collection.

When I saw this one at the Newark Museum Saturday, and it had a lot of similarities in the fussy cut patterns, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same person, or friends working on these together...As this was also from the area... But one got finished and one didn't.this one still had it's paper's perfectly intact behind the quilt top.... very neat to see... Go see their Quilt Exhibit!

Anyone who finishes their hexagon quilts has me bowing down to them... bravo!

So, just how many of you have completed a hand stitched hexagon quilt?

And who of you, are like me, and are poking along, trying to finish one?


  1. Yup, poking along myself. It's a great grab and go project, but it never seems to get grabbed! Haha.

  2. That's me, poking along. I have 9 blocks done and am working on the garden paths around the blocks. I think I've been at it for over 4 years now. I only seem to pick it up about once a month. Someday.....

  3. i did a table runner, a small project for the China trip quilters, but no big quilt. It's on my list.. and i want to use big hexies.. faster!

    This is a pattern i published that a friend designed. I loved her layout so much! But she didn't give me the quilt.. not sure why.. ha!

  4. I'm still poking along on mine, but the hexies are in rows now, and I'm putting the rows together! I didn't use the English Paper Piecing method, I am hand piecing the regular way. I started mine over 14 years ago, before I had a stash, and all the fabric are the scraps from all the ladies at the quilt group I first attended in MA. I put it away when we moved to Maine, and only got it out about a year ago when I started another quilt group. The hexies are 3/4" sides. I only work on it when I go to quilt group now, so it will still take a while to finish.

  5. The show looks great! Bet you had to arm wrestle Bill Volckening for those polyester quilts!

  6. I am poking away at one, however, it WILL be done by the holidays because it is only a doll quilt and it is a gift, so that gives me a deadline and it is small and finish-able!

  7. Double knit really? They are beautiful! You didn't call me so we could do some serious ebay buying together, although it looks like you didn't need my help. :) I am poking along just like you, 26 flowers down only 70 more to go!

  8. I have made some smaller pieces and working on a christmas quilt. I have one more diamond to finish, then I can start adding them together and all by hand. What was I thinking, lol.


  9. I actually did finish one a couple of months ago-it's not too big about 45X55 but I love it. It's a tribute to vacation sewing & the amount of sports I watch on TV! I have to have something to sew with sports on, because anything good gets shown on instant replay!

  10. Poking along a year and a half in ... my flowers are all done, and I'm assembling them (slowly!) into a top. Have lost some momentum on it lately, will use these pics as inspiration to get back to working on it more regularly.

  11. Well my quilt top is actually finished. It is king size but it still needs batting and backing stitched on and quilted or tied. It has taken me 35yrs to get to this stage. So I am still plodding along.

  12. Fortunately, my great aunt Anna made me a Grandmother's Garden in l945, so I don't need to make another. Whew!

  13. I started one earlier this year and this has just reminded me that I need to do some!

  14. I have just become addicted to the joy of hexies. I had no idea how time consuming they are when I started but I am determined to finish the one I am working on. I've posted it on my blog to encourage me to finish it. I actually think I might tackle another one once I finish this one. Thanks for posting the pictures, they are great.

  15. Put me down for both! I finished both a a large wall quilt made from hexagons (each a unique size and shape), and a small art quilt for the 12x12 group I belong to. But I also have a project with a combination of hexagons, pentagons, triangles and diamonds, that I have been plugging away on for what seems like forever.

  16. I have never started a large hexagon quilt although I was planning to do one. Then a friend of my dad's had some quilts for sale and one was a grandmother's flower garden. I bought it. Then my mom and dad bought a few hexagon quilts at auction. Some are carefully stitched and others not so much. :-) Then there's a piece of a hexagon quilt in a hoop that was made by my great aunt MinnieBell's mother. I admire anyone who makes a hexagon quilt. Your doubleknit ones are really unique. I would be "weak in the knees", too if I could see that one quilt in person. Just amazing!


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