Monday, March 14, 2011


 Here is what we worked on!  I have to say I am terribly impressed with the things 
everyone got done!
Kim worked on several projects, from solids to sock monkeys, 
to scrap tiles, to owls!
Helen will be wearing her new VEST very soon!
(perhaps even have a blog?)
We told her she needs to start a blog and officially call it, HelenNoBlog... ;-)
Jackie labored away to get her paper piecing done, and she did! 
She would not let herself at the scrap bins til she finished it... Looks fabulous Jackie!
I gave each of the "retreater's" a MARY panel...
Jackie then dove into the scrap bins to finish off... Isn't it so sweet!!
remember she inspired my Lady?

Andrea started this project at the retreat I did in MN last summer!  This retreat the top made
itself together! LOVE IT!
 Here's what I was working on... I pulled colors I never use... PINK and BLACK.... 
threw in some cheddar, and purple, with splashes of red, and some funky blue.... 
The start of a big medallion quilt... with applique to come...
Bonnie was making these squashed hex's that make stars in the middle. 
Very fun!!!
Loads of scraps.  
Be looking for that BOX Bonnie... More coming your way!
Karen made a good dent in the scraps as well! 
She whipped up this scrappy top 
and all these glorious blocks below!

Jessica finished her BLOCKs and got this top together!

LeeAnn, well, she spent at least 4 hours cutting HST's
What a great big glorious pile of HST'S!! right?

And as of 10:30 last night, She left this morning with a  finished top....

Isn't it glorious?

A very prolific bunch!!

Thanks so much Ladies!
Now I need to go play with my gifted HOUSE blocks....
You all ROCK!


  1. Terrific show and tell. What an amazing weekend.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Victoria! What beautiful creations! It's hard to single out a favorite. Great photos too!

  3. Wow, every piece you showcased is fantastic, the 1/2 sq tri's turned out amazing, your house blocks are so fun, Jackie's table runner, well, just everything looks wonderful. Everyone must have left your place on a quilters high!

  4. What a great get-to-gether! You all had way too much fun! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. wow, it looks like you all had a wonderful weekend - thanks for sharing all the pics. the project that screamed out to me was LeeAnn's, I've already pinned it on my idea board .. greetings from a springy Belgium!

  6. Lovely projects! I especially like the HST zigzag. (Somewhere I have a bin with a whole bunch of paired squares in it, that I haven't gotten around to sewing up... )

  7. Love all the photos! And yes, indeedy we were prolific! I just love the picture of LeeAnn all wrapped up!

  8. wow, everyone was so productive over the weekend! I love seeing the variety of beautiful projects. Love all those proud smiles too. Hope you're all still riding the high from such a fabulous weekend together!

  9. What a great bunch of quilters you got together!! Love all those projects. Lovely.

  10. I am totally exhausted just looking at y'alls stuff.

    I love it all, incredible stuff. I need a scrap retreat!


  11. wow-EE!! What scrap-a-licious fun you all had! Love them all - can't believe LeeAnn got that whole top together, I agree, the pic of her wrapped in the scrap top is great.

  12. Creative comradary at it's best. Looks like everyone had a great time and the creative juices were flowing freely.

  13. Looks like a fun weekend - and very intuitive :)

  14. Charlotte, you got the picture. Victoria was breaking the sound barrier on her Juki!

  15. Well done all of you. I am impressed that you all got SO MUCH done!

  16. Wow, so much great work, it's all so wonderful! Looks like yall had a good time!

  17. Beautiful projects! It looks like a fun time :-)

  18. Amazingly wonderful work by all. Thank you for sharing all the photos with us.

  19. What a fabulous weekend -- too cool for words! Awesome stuff, and it looks like a great time.

  20. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Such positive energy

  21. I'm loving seeing all these scrappy photo's over blogland, what a fun time you girls had. And prolific, oh yes, you got some beautiful work done! xo

  22. you do all rock! what a fabulous retreat!!!!

  23. What an awesome get together of amazing quilters!! And the work produced is stunning! Good on you for organising and hosting the weekend!

  24. Color me jealous :- )
    I could sure use a retreat like this one!

  25. oh my goodness! i'm torn at what to say. i could say that it's not nice of you to show so many photos of the fun time together. ;) but i am truly happy that you all got together to play with scraps. how much fun! good for you for getting a bunch of friends together to create. i bet it was awesome with so much creativity flowing in that one room!


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