Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christmas in July

 It's Christmas in July! I rcvd a big box of goodies from Jackie the other day,
which included this Xmas quilt top I did last year!
 Her quilting on it looks great!
It will make a great Christmas gift for someone this year!
Can you believe it's July already??
 I put Corduroy on the back of it, so it would be nice and snugly in the WINTER months...
One of my favorite quilts as a child had RED Corduroy on the back. Boo uses it now,
(her favorite too)
so she was quick to notice it on the back of this quilt...
Here's my Xmas fabric stash.... Love those Tammis Keefe Reindeer!

 More Goodies to feel like Christmas!  Kristin sent me some Hawaii goodies! 
I sent her a bunch of Cuffs off all the uniforms I am working on... 
She had a need for  a few more so we swapped for some goodies... 
Thanks Kristin!  (If you need more I'll hand deliver them next time)
I mean, really, one does need a good excuse to go to Hawaii!  hehe!

I have a couple more Xmas quilts started... LOL!  

How about you?
Have you started a Christmas quilt yet, this year?
Or any Holiday themed quilt?


  1. The quilt looks great!! Hmmm... it is not bound yet though ;) Next time I will remember to include some edible goodies, but so sorry they can't be from Hawaii. Although, I will volunteer to go there to get you some!

  2. oh i love the retro xmas .. the reindeer are awesome!

    no Christmas yet.. I'm not a christmas early girl.. can't do xmas until it is closer.. thus no xmas gift quilts from moi..

  3. Christmas yes who can ever have enough! Best time of the year:)

    The quilt is terrific!!

  4. I see your trip was a success and soooo happy you all are home safe and sound!! Great photos!!!

  5. Yummy Fabrics and Candies!
    No Christmas quilt in the making just yet.

  6. That's a sweet quilt....a wonderful gift for someone! Love your xmas fabrics.....I need to start one, but so many others keep getting in there first!

  7. No Christmas quilts yet, but I am working on a fall quilt.
    Your Christmas quilt is wonderful and I love those reindeer in sweaters!

  8. As I am rushing to finish my patriotic flag piece, I decided I am skipping right to christmas, lol. I am always behind, so time to make things ahead, so I can have them to use in time.


  9. I started a Christmas Quilt in January, but put it on hold. Didn't feel like looking at the Xmas fabric while the flowers were out. I'll probably start working on it again when gardening season is done!

  10. No Christmas quilts, but I'm thinking about a corduroy quilt for National Corduroy Day on 11/11/11. Looks like you're way ahead on that!

  11. Nice Christmas quilt and great quilting by Jackie!
    I have my FQS BOM where I made two block instead of one each month and I have the final month cut out but not stitched - then I need to put BOTH of them together. You reminded me to get going on that!

  12. Hi Victoria - those are great! I have one Christmas present quilt underway - top nearly finished... not a red and green, but with a DUE DATE of Christmas !!!! Kate the Quilting Professor

  13. Feel free to hand deliver cuffs any time -- even the flimsiest excuses are good enough reasons to visit Hawaii! :-) In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the coffee and chocolate.

  14. That' a really cute Christmas quilt! I haven't started one yet, and probably won't for a while -- it's only 145 degrees here. :-) Maybe if I just concentrate on snow, it will get a little cooler?


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