Sunday, June 5, 2011

weekend round up: tour NYC

 I shamelessly have NO GEESE to show you... perhaps tomorrow...But I would like 
to show you our APRIL Metro MOD guild quilt... (our meeting was Saturday, so much fun!) 
Each meeting we have a challenge block, 
and then we decide the layout as a group, someone generously volunteers to put it together, 
and walla! Our challenge was two STRIPE blocks one rectangle one square... and this is it
all together... Isn't it fun?
 Friday night it was so lovely out, me, hubby and Boo, walked down the street to eat and 
then strolled on the Highline park.... (old elevated train tracks turned into a park... it is so nice...
 There is a sitting area directly over the road way.. can you see the people in there?  Oh, and 
Don't worry, It was a red light, while I was taking that photo!
 When we came down from the highline, we saw this on street sign...
Sort of a PUBLIC ART piece...
 You could add your thoughts of HOPE... Boo shared hers...
 Some were very sweet...and touching...
 Our sites walking back to our home, while eating organic home made mint ice cream... yum!

Have a super week!
Got a favorite flavor of ice cream?


  1. Love the Highline! That's one of my favorites for out of town visitors. As for ice cream, well, I'm a chocolate girl, now doubt.

  2. Lovely pictures always on your blog, Victoria.I look forward to this week, talking with my late brother’s daughter a few times.

  3. The guild quilt is great.....lots of movement and color....beautiful!

    Love the pics of NYC....and the Hope post was great....what a simple gesture to get people thinking nice that!

    And, of course, cherry chocolate chip! Or Moose Tracks! Oh heck....we love any flavor! Yum!

  4. One day I want to see all of the things in your photos!
    Praline Pecan ice cream - the best ever!

  5. I love to travel thru you & others I follow. Thanks for the great pics. Gives me hope to know the street art was still standing.

    Ice cream of any flavor is fine w/me. Next to lemon merique pie, it's the only other sweet I simply can not resist.

    Love the quilt top.

  6. That quilt is beautiful! And thanks for sharing your great walk...I'm beginning to feel I know NY a little, thanks to you! My favourite ice cream (exclusive to a small local shop) is damson and sloe gin...mmmm...may need to go to Bewdley today!

  7. I love your little tours of New York. The striped quilt is great, something a bit different. Your Guild has great ideas. Ice cream? blackcurrant or vanilla.

  8. Fantastic photos. Love the idea of the Highline.

  9. Great photos and a great weekend! Cool that the park is right above the roadway. Our local dairy farm Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream is the best. Made fresh and local daily, can't beat it! But I must say that it is dangerously close to my house. I think that my car can just go there on auto pilot.

  10. Love the stripey-ness!!! Can you believe I don't care for ice cream, however recently I did try some locally made--the flavor was Lime and Cardamom with Rhubarb. Outstanding.

  11. Coffee flavored ice cream, definitely. I LOVE your geese! How fun is that?

  12. The quilt is very COOL--great colors and lots of beautiful symmetry going on!

    There is a new flavor called Key Lime Pie I bought yesterday that looks so good!!

  13. What a great idea to turn the elevated tracks into a park. Sounds like a very lovely weekend!

  14. Never been to NYC so I'm really enjoying your pictures. My favorite icecream is Michigan Black bear. It has raspberry filled chocolate pieces in it. Hugs

  15. Hard to concentrate when thinking of ice cream flavors....!!! lol - i lOVE Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk! also, just discovered a yogurt place called REd Mango, and their Key Lime Pie was delish! (had organic granola on mine for extra yum)

  16. WOW! Loving the quilt AND the NEW YORKER sign! Both look great...oh and coffee ice cream, anywhere, any place!

  17. The quilt is fabulous. Proof that we over think many things when making our own quilts. Well, I do, at least. OK love your photos, you are a smart girl to always have your camera. Ice cream...choc with peanut butter swirls. Local dairy, cows live on site! I will take you there when you travel out west some time!

  18. The guild quilt is FABULOUS! Crazy, wild, snazzy!
    The Park!! I wanna go there. *swoons*
    My fav ice cream is Mocha Almond Fudge by Dryers. *drool*

  19. WoW! Fabulous group quilt effort! Hope to get back to NYC someday and see all the new stuff since I moved away in '99.

    Fave flavor: for solo icecream, coffee every time. For icecream to go with, Roselani "Haupia" (coconut-milk pudding; rich and subtle, like a mild and extra-creamy vanilla), wonderful under any kind of fresh fruit topping, and unbeatable beside a slice of chocolate birthday cake.

  20. Never mind the ice cream, I LOVE that quilt! Wow!

  21. wonderful quilt - love how it all goes together, yet still has different personalities showing through. wonderful day. I totally love that HOPE thinggummie.


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