Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 So here they all are!  
I rcvd a couple more this week, and I can I tell you, I have EXACTLY what I need!
I have a couple spots left for my mother and aunt who come on Monday, and one from 
my hubby's niece and daughter whom we will see in London next week, and one spot for 
Shelly, (you mailed it already right?) ;-)
hmmm,  maybe that means Trudi may have one for me?
I'm thrilled! Don't they look great!

Thank You Norece, DAVID, Bonnie T!

 I drove a load of my stuff to my house last night to set up shop out here again, for the summer.
I love NYC but the summer's are a bit Stifling, stinky, and I'd rather be sewing near my garden!
Have more to bring... We're out here for the summer starting Friday. Wohoo! can't wait!

 I'm glad I did pop out, as a bunch of my peonies have blossomed... Isn't this one divine?
It's nearly dead already, but I don't mind... that light yellow and pink is inspiring!

The HOT PINK and GREEN looks pretty darn good too! another quilt color combo?

Of course it's Gorgeous out today... And I have a two hour drive back to NYC...

( I really want to start cutting strips for the signature blocks, but I can't! gotta get back!)

I may need to go jump in the pool quick, just to welcome summer!
(it's probably freezing cold)

By the way... I am very intrigued that a bunch of you said said the
Key LIME PIE ice cream was good!  I need to go investigate...
I think I should do an ice cream flavor review... at least once a week!

Isn't that a good idea?

The only thing I have in the freezer here is Skinny cow MINT ice cream sandwiches..
I'll let you know how they taste! 


  1. Oh your siggy quilt is amazing! I thought my block might stick out, but it doesn't, whew! Summer out of the city, that's a good thing. Your peonies are fabulous.

  2. V- the quilt is looking wonderful! I can't wait to see you work your "magic" :).

  3. I love all the different blocks. This is going to make a wonderful quilt.

  4. Love how the blocks look!! My peonies are starting to bloom too and I just love them. All the different colors make my heart sing. Safe driving.

  5. Your signature blocks look just great -- what a collection. I am curious to see them all set and stitched together. It will be super I'm sure.

  6. Love seeing the blocks altogether, mine should have gotten there by now.
    I hope!

  7. I'm so sad I never got my block done for you! I really wanted to contribute one but I haven't had ANY time for sewing of any kind lately :( Stupid job. Oh well...

    It's not summer here yet - still a bit chilly. I haven't even planted my garden (again, no time). You flowers are gorgeous! Have fun out of the city!

  8. Yes your block is on the way, or it will be in the morning. Right now it is sitting on top of my refrigerator addressed and stamped and ready to go. Eeak!!!
    I will run it down to the post office box as soon as I get home.
    I promise it is a really cute block and will be worth the wait.
    Talk to ya in the morning.

  9. Love the quilt. Am always amazed that dissonant blocks can be so beautiful together! glen

  10. Oh WOW!!! Each block is unique and all of them together are awesome! I just know you're going to do something wonderful to bring them all together.
    What better summer past time than auditioning a different flavor of ice cream each week?!! You got my vote!
    The flowers are lovely. Nature is such an inspiration and so are you!

  11. The signature blocks look great! And the skinny cow mint ice cream sandwiches sound yummy!

  12. Victoria, all the siggy blocks are unique!!! They are going to make a fabulous quilt! Enjoy your time away from the city.

  13. Yea, duh, lime and fuchsia are neutral colors.

  14. Haha! Hey smarty pants... Nuetrals! You crack me up...

  15. Yes, the signature blocks came out so nicely. Safe travels and happy summer away from the heat, noise and tourist!

    Happy Sewing

  16. oh marjorie you are so right! i've been living with pink and green for so many years, they are neutrals. psst, not everyone believes,,,,, :>)

  17. the siggie blocks are great together and wow, those flowers are gorgeous.


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