Friday, June 3, 2011

NYC night out, carlyle hotel

 This is exactly what I mean about why PLAY is so good when you need to break
out and try something new... Direction finds you. That ugly green print on the right,
was from our UGLY fat quarter swap for the NYC METRO MOD guild... I really 
found it ugly, and couldn't decide what to do with it... so I hacked it up... then started 
pulling from my scrap bins to see what would PERK IT UP!
I kept the UGLY focus in mind, pulling colors I might not have pulled otherwise... and 
then a setting for them as well... something to pull the cream tone out of the little flowers, 
something to tie the PINK together.... Now I'm off to make more... to see where it will lead
me next... Stay open to the possibilities.... the ideas and direction will come...
Didn't think I'd ever put these colors together... But I can see the possibilities!

 Had one finish today!  HOORAY! I can't show you the whole thing.. gotta wait for father's day. 
Thanks Jackie, for quilting it up for me!

 I made 4 geese today.... LOL! oh well, better luck tomorrow!

Last night I took my hubby out to celebrate his Birthday, (late)  We went to the 
Carlyle Hotel to See Bette LaVette perform... Girl can sing! Her stage was 3 feet wide
and 6 feet long and it was butted up to our table...
We couldn't have better seats as we were practically THE stage!
Jennifer would be Proud. 
I was pretty much a walking billboard for her Fabrics last night!
Tunic and Purse!
Have a great weekend! Looking forward to our guild meeting tomorrow!


  1. oh, la,la, you look beautiful in this outfit. Sounds like a great evening!

  2. Love the Play block!! And the quilt looks great! I am sure he will love it. You look just fabulous!! Glad you had a fantastic time. Happy Belated birthday, M!

  3. Love your scrappy block. And you look so effortlessly chic; I may have to pull out my SisBoom "Patricia" tunic pattern and make another one, right now!

  4. You look so cute all dolled up for your night out! Are you stitching garments and bags now too?

  5. Your outfit is GORGEOUS!!!
    Andi x

  6. This tunic and purse are stunning .I,m a newcomer to your site .such a lot of blogging is reducing my sewing . Too much happiness . I shall be mentioning you today on my blog --cottonreel

  7. Love the geese!! Can't wait to see the whole flock together and flyin'!!!
    You looked wonderful for the birthday date. Sounds like fun!

  8. P.S. I love the block made from ugly fabric. Not so ugly now!

  9. Hey, garments and bags.....That's my girl!

  10. Smashing tunic and purse!....and just love the geese quilt.

    : )

  11. Ha! I've been making geese too! Great minds think alike I guess ;- ) So far mine are all scrappy. I'm just trying to keep the small triangles lighter than the big ones. I've always admired the antique quilts made of a gazillion flying geese. Never thought I'd see the day when I was willing to tackle one myself! (Of course mine will not be nearly as elegant as the antique quilts!)

  12. love this picture of you and you are the prettiest walking billboard ever.


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