Friday, June 10, 2011


 from 70 degrees to 97... what happened to 80 degree days? 
The sun is out... I'm in side with air conditioning...
 ALL PACKED!  Had just enough time to make 6 geese last night...

I can't wait to play with these babies, when I have MORE!
So much for thinking I'd have it done by today!
At least they are even now... I was six short.... ;-)

OH! Before I forget:
Jodi, you won the pattern....
Send me your address and I will get it mailed ASAP!

And have a great weekend!


  1. Very cute little sun you have there! It was hot, thank goodness for the the thunder storms last night. Have a great weekend V!

  2. We are hot hot hot here too! Pushing 100, then it rains and the humidity soars to 275!

    Your perfect sun sums it up!

    glen in Hot Louisiana

  3. Love your little sun!
    It is stifling here in southern MD too! I rarely complain about the weather, besides droughts. But August in May and June for extended periods, without rain, bites! I'd much prefer average temps, but what's a girl to do...stay in and sew I guess :o)

  4. Gorgeous greens surrounding your bright sun. We've been stifling hot too but today we're having a storm and it's cooled down. I hope it heads your way for some relief.

  5. The sun paper pieced I am guessin'?

    Flying geese look great!! Where are ya headed to now busy lady? lol!

  6. I was wondering the same thing, we went from winter to summer, what happened to spring, lol. It will be a lot cooler on the island, so you can enjoy your summer. We do get more breeze here, so not as bad, but we do get the humidity and I hate being stuck inside and too hot to quilt.


  7. We still seem to be in winter or late fall mode here. We had two nice days with sun, but then it was back to gray, windey, rainy weather. You have to love the Pacific Northwest. How did you make that sun? I love it.

  8. Adorable sun piecing, and the geese are looking good!

    Those icky-sticky summers were one reason I moved away from NYC. But used to be it didn't get really bad until mid-July.

  9. Minnesota 103 degrees Tuesday today, Friday, 63 degrees. Only in Minnesota.

  10. OMG>. I LOVE that SUN!!!

    I'm sitting here FINALLY writing an improv blog post.. nothing like FOREVER and a DAY to get to something!

  11. Love those plates, but I'm really loving those geese! Have fun being a "country mouse"!

  12. Must finish my huge dresdens too! LOVE the sun piece, gorgous! Please bring the sunshine with you next week, we have rain (welcome rain) for the next few days! Plenty of quilting time :)

  13. Hooray for the geese. I LOVE THEM!!
    The sun is just toooooo cute!
    You are so inspiring.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Have a wonderful trip. That weather is hot!
    I have 10 sleeps till I ( we ) set out on our adventure.
    Keep safe ,
    Hugs from Ali in New Zealand.

  15. Love the fabric sun and also the real one! Bring on the heat... this is my time of the year!

  16. Maravillosos todos tus trabajos!!!!

  17. It's weird to think you are sweltering over there while I'm here shivering cause my heating is not turned up high enough!! Hope it cools off soon for you. Love the sun, love the geese! Love coming here for inspiration as always you never fail me! xo


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