Thursday, June 2, 2011

GEESE quilt over NYC

It's fun to see how this grows each day.. If I make a point of posting it each day
that means I HAVE TO DO IT... although you may get sick of looking at them...

 Right now, triangles are scattered everywhere... And I am still waiting for my 
new Go cutter 3" triangle die... Am I the only one who has WORN them out already?
The blades folded right over, and they were not cutting very well anymore...
I guess I use mine a lot... LOL!
I'm also in that transition phase... Every year at this time, I move
everything to my house on long island for the summer... the studio is a 
disaster area and needs some of that yellow and black crime scene police
tape... It's really bad!  BUT, I find more projects that I need to finish 
quickly and get them out of here... 
like this below...
You may recall, after cutting all my triangles to clean out my scrap bins, 
I used up all the UGLIES left over
to make this quilt, and added ONE PRETTY fabric to liven them up!
But this one, I think will look really nice on my bed for summer... 
So I am eager to get it done..

I have three left to finish, and hope to have them done by tomorrow evening,
so I have something to show at our MOD guild meeting Saturday....
tick tock tick tock...
I'm so pleased with how many OLDIES projects I have gotten done with around here...
Remember those posts?  More will be showing up soon, as I sent 5 pout to be quilted!
New Meaning to SPRING CLEANING.... dig out those old tops, and finish them.
Feels good!


 Thank you Vanessa! ( I don't have your email, Vanessa, email me)
She sent me TWO because she couldn't decide... How am I going to decide?
LOL! I love them both!
A couple of you did that to me.. you tricky ones! 
Perhaps I can stick a few duplicates on the back...
and will depend on the final count of blocks...
Thanks Vanessa!

 Holly sent me this really cute crow's beaks block.How cute is that?
I met Holly at Market! It is so cool to put faces with the emails!

Kathleen, the quilting professor sent me this beauty!
Flaming heart!

Next week I hope to have a complete photo of all the blocks...
The deadline has passed, if you mailed already thank you!
I definitely have enough for my king sized quilt!
I wasn't trying to make it king sized, but you've all been so generous! wink!

Hey! I'm also pleased you enjoyed that last post with the silk scarves!
I love it too... 
Have a good one!


  1. You are going to have a great color filled summer!

  2. Love your triangles. It honestly makes me want to start cutting and sewing. I love the look of the flying geese!!

  3. Love the triangle progress!!;)

    The heart that you received is super sweet!!!

    Would love it if you came by my blog to see my baseball quilt I finished the other day--he,he! Tell me what you think!

  4. How could anyone ever get sick of seeing what you make Victoria? These geese look great! I for one am looking forward to seeing more of them!

  5. Hi Victoria - so glad you like the heart! I had fun making it.

    Kathleen the Quilting Professor

  6. love those slik scarf pictures but I really love these flying geese between you and Nifty's quilt she made when she visited you I started thinking, ok OBSESSING over making one too! yes I will be pulling out and cutting reds for the next few days....
    thanks for adding yet another project to my list of quilts to make

  7. Lots of things to keep you busy this summer. I'm hoping to have a very productive summer as well. No king size quilts though! Love watching the geese grow.

  8. wow...all your blocks are amazing! I'm going to practice mine more! :) Love that heart block too! We'll meet again sometime...I want to go back to visit NYC again sometime in the future. Love your city! :) Cute purse in the next post!!! and tunic!


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