Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raggedy Ragamuffin

I have been going like a mad woman yesterday and today... and BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD!
I felt like I lost my steam going on vacation, But now I am back!
I dug out more quilt tops to see what I could finish up and GET OUT OF HERE... 
Deciding which I want to quilt, and which I want to send out.

Can I tell you, I have so many tops that have ONE THING for them to be finished?

This top has been done and the backing has been sitting here...
the ONLY thing I needed to do was applique the YEAR on it... 2010...
Today was it's lucky day...

 I put some thought into what FONT the 2010 should be...Simple, slight curves to the letters, 
and then also, I wanted the stitching to SHOW, and be slightly elementary looking...   
I have to say, trying to MAKE it look that, was as hard as getting it to NOT look that way! 
I got pretty good at the stitches by the end of the last "0"... 
It seemed fitting to have it this way.. Ragamuffin + orphan blocks+
unwanted lost blocks, all coming together coming together, it now feels complete...
It's been boxed, and shipped to LINDA, who also quilted my 
With so many seams on this quilt, 
it will be good just to have an all over pattern to keep it all in place...

Applique has been a big part of the thing's I need to finish on many of my quilts... 
I go through streaks where I love it and other times when it is such a chore...
But I guess that's normal!

 Well, that's one to show you for today!  
I have 5 more done and two more nearly done! 
Next time you see this one, it will be quilted.

And soon I need to get working on my 2011 version of this quilt.
I have a start on it already. (SILK)
but it's hanging here staring at me, begging me to pay it some attention.
Added to the list...

What is the next quilt up on your 

P.S. Kristin has a fantastic quilt up at her blog.... go see... It's amazing...

I am being given my friends old service uniforms to make them into a quilt for his family... 
I hope I can make something as worthy as Krisitn's!


  1. Keep moving at the speed of light, girl!

  2. I am new to your blog and I love this quilt!! Very sassy! Nice job.

  3. Congratulations on your finishes and another great quilt!

    I have a bin of "almost-dones" I'm itching to get to... but my sewing room is functioning as a guest room this week. Counting the days (only 2.5 to go!) until I take back my creative space.

    (word verification: "singlize" ... to work on one thing at a time until it's done?)

  4. I like this Ragamuffin quilt .. it's a modern version of all those fantastic scrap quilts. And that little touch of cheddar in it is a perfect touch.

  5. Things to do: 1) finish the shop hop blocks that seemed like such a good idea last weekend. 2) grade the papers written by students that shouldn't have been taking my college course...oh wait...I bet you meant fabric related stuff...3) make block for your quilt. 4) finish the Big Ass Cat quilt 5) make headway on the 12 other WIPs

  6. I don't want to look at the list!
    I have always wanted to make a quilt like this
    I just have to do it!
    yours it just so beautiful, eye candy for sure!!!!
    your making one in silk!

  7. Oh I wish I had your energy. You do beautiful work! My list is so long.

  8. Hey V!!
    I see some blocks of mine. What a fun quilt. I'm going to finish the quilt I started for our anniversary several years(yes years) ago. Roger loved the fabric in these blocks and bought much of it for me. I'm finishing it finally.
    Hope you have a great day.

  9. Where do you find the energy is right!! I love this quilt and can't wait to see how you have it quilted. I just stitched in the ditch for mine.

    I would have to say that I have about 5 or 6 tops that need to be finished, that's not too bad right??? I can't tell you how many WIP I have, I don't even know. Does buying fabric for a project count if you haven't cut it yet??? I have about 8 of those in my studio!

  10. Stunning quilt! Am in list denial myself...

  11. Wow! Kristin's military quilt is fabulous. It reminds me of your quilts. I'm sure you'll make something fantastic!

  12. so love this quilt. lively and bold. woohoo!


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