Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 FINISHES.... I am going to be focusing on FINISHES for the next few weeks... 

I have so many tops sitting here, ( I know I've said this  before)
It's time to get them done and out of here!;-)Recently I have gotten three quilts quilted...
Did I  mention they still need to be bound?  One thing at a time!

So today I want to show you one finish, I picked up from Jackie the other day.
 This quilt started probably three years ago. I made the blocks and disliked them from the get go...
I could not figure out how to jazz them up...  I know everyone loved that Katy jump rope fabric...
I loved the blues and browns.. then when I had them all together I thought.. humpf.. very dull!
They laid in my bins for a long time, and every so often I'd pull them out and play with them.
I can find one old post here, but this was definitely not the only one!

Never finding the right solution for them...
Then one day I couldn't stand it anymore... And I pulled them out one day and
didn't think to much about it.... started sewing some favorite fabrics around each of them..
things that contained blues and reds... even a little PINK and RED to make them SING!!!!
I found a backing that I thought would make the whole thing, POP!
And then I thought, "well that wasn't so hard after all!  What took me so long?"
And just to make thing seven easier, I sent it out to be quilted.

Now let me see what other oldies I can get out of here.... and onto the binding pile...

I have four more ready to go, and A KAFFE quilt that is getting some applique added...
turning it into something I did not like into something I love!

How many tops do you think you have stored away not finished?
Are you afraid to say  how many?  I might be! 


  1. ooh, the addition of the red-ish prints around each block was a good choice - I really like this quilt, even though the browns don't normally draw me in so much. :)

  2. This quilt certainly pops now V, I love what you have done with it! Ooh I'm looking forward to seeing that gorgeous Kaffe one done, love the border on that too. Congrats on getting some finishes done, I have way too many to number, and I've only finished 3, thanks for the encouragement to get more done!! xo

  3. So happy to hear about Alex. Such awful things happening all around us lately good news is welcome.

    These blocks are so much better with the addition of happier fabric around them. Good for you getting things finished. I must focus on that for a while too. The closet is groaning.

  4. Your Wonky Squares are beautiful. Very striking.

  5. your FINISHES are VERY expensive for me girlie! I own the navy with green dots now.. 3 lovely yards.. i'm not even looking for these fabrics

    just saying

  6. Great choices of fabric, I really think the border print is spectacular with the prints in the blocks. Excellent!
    I have a few that need to be quilted, maybe 7 or 8 that are ready to go. That's not too bad, right?

  7. It is gorgeous! Yay for finishing tops... I love the way this turned out and can't wait to see the others you are working on. My list of tops is getting smaller, just one small step at a time.

  8. It looks great on your bed!! It was fun to quilt too and I am glad to help you get those finishes. But I must say, I hope that Kaffe quilt is one of the ones you are sending my way. Although, I can't make any promises that it will actually make it back to you... LOL!! You know I have soooo many tops that are not quilted, but that is the down side of being a long arm quilter. All your customer quilts get priority.

  9. This quilt definitely sings! I love the turquoise in it....that's not a color I ever use, but it really makes it! I guess I need to go shopping! lol

    I think I have about 20-25 quilts in process.....about 15 are tops that are done, just waiting for the quilting! Two are hand quilting, that I just have not got back to since my carpel tunnel surgeries. I guess I should give it try again. Dang! I need to get busy!

  10. finishes, I can relate.
    in january, i discovered to my dismay that I had 11 quilts of various sizes to finish. Check out some of the finished ones at my blog

    By the way, I'm really grooving with your 15 minutes a day therapy!

  11. Because I love stong colours I love Kaffe Fasset fabric and his books . I like how he puts his colours together . I met him at the Festival of quilts ,Birmingham U.K . I thought him a charming man . your Kaffe quilt is fine --cottonreel

  12. yes, you really jazzed it up. The border fabric is beautiful too. Well done ( as always :-) )

  13. My two favorite colors are turquoise and red. I love them each alone, but together...even more!

  14. Great rescue for those blocks. I love the way they dance-bapapaboom! I have 10 tops waiting to be quilted. I keep telling myself to just do one a month. This month, I'm actually getting one done.

  15. I love this quilt! Did you use a pattern? If so what pattern did you use? Beautiful.

  16. Hi Dia, No I don't use patterns. I make things up as I go which is why this quilt is three years old... ;-)

    the blocks were made and then added to, then stuffed into a box for ages... I played about 10 different times with them to figure out a setting for them before I just started grabbing and filling them in as I went along...

    You were a no reply, so I am responding here... thanks for your kind words.


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