Thursday, April 7, 2011


 I had to look back to see if I posted this here... (You know, the fried brain I've had lately...)
Perhaps you saw it at the 15 minutes play or at Lily's quilts... Lynne had asked me to play with 
her wheel block to come up with something fun... I couldn't resist the challenge, so Sunday I put
this together.... Yes, It went very quickly!  
Saturday I had made a bunch of fabric from scraps with Jess,
so I could quickly put this little piece together.. 
It's only 12" x 12"... And took the opportunity
to PLAY & LEARN some Embroidery stitches...

I was totally inspired by this Quilt from the RED and WHITE show...
My Favorite at the show was this below.

See all the hand stitching? So lovely!
It's been fun to hear people say,

after seeing that show....  
It wasn't the red and whites that got me all excited. 
It was the Red and BEIGE quilts that I enjoyed... 
The quilts that were faded reds, and burned whites...

When you could see that different reds were used, 
and one faded more than the others...
And the whites yellowed differently... 
Now those!  
I might want to try....

Or the same in BLUE.... That works for me too...
Blue would be something NEW for me to do...

I'm starting to sound like Dr. Seuss.... LOL!

Have you been inspired to make a red and white?


  1. LOVE that red and white quilt! Your wheel blocks is amazing. I'd like to spend just 15 minutes inside your head. :o) You should teach a class--I'll be the first pupil to sign up. Oh and I love Dr. Seuss.

  2. I've been adding handwork to most of my quilts lately. Love how it looks. Especially love your inspired work and your inspirations.

  3. I have been inspired to make a red and white quilt even though I live over the pond (it's all these great blog posts). I got it out of my system by doing a mini one, which you can see on my Blue Hare blog


  4. No, I'm not inspired to make a red/white quilt even after seeing that awesome quilt show. What inspires me more is how you can take one element that attracted your attention & then put a new spin on it. Love this little wheel block quilt with a nod to the red/white show with the polka dots & embroidery!

  5. Yes I'm inspired to make more red and white quilts. I love them. Maybe other two-color combinations too. Was it Andrea who suggested black and yellow? Hmmm.

  6. Oh favorite was the winding ways.... red and white quilt....definitely in my future :0).

    Handwork is so rewarding isn't it?

    Happy Sewing

  7. That red and white quilt is stunning...but I bet you can do something just as good with your copenhagen blue and cream!

  8. Love your version, beautiful fabrics and stitching.
    I do love to look at old quilts to get ideas for new quilts.


  9. I totally can see you reading Dr. Seuss. I love how you get inspired because it inspires me! Love your little wheel quilt.

  10. I knew I would see a wheel on your blog! Good for you. Yes to the R&W quilts, I just ordered 10 yards of Rich Red, I also picked up a yard at City Quilter as well. I'm going to look for a "vintage" white, I don't want it stark. Mabye even a tea dyed piece?

  11. Blue and White sounds Outta Sight...

    Do I sense a Blue and White swap coming on...smiles...Hmmmmm I think I may consider that...with all traditional paper pieced blocks....i tell ya...stop stop stop...I catch your excitement bug...and then I develop my own...hmmm....a blue and white quilt....But it is indeed ohhhhh soooo wonderful....

  12. Have started two R&W' traditional hand-pieced and the other machine-pieced strings....both stars reds and whites of all shades. We'll see which one is finished first. Your embroidery has just inspired me to include this element to mine. Like how the feather stitch increases in the spokes and the knots go round the hub. Did you use perle cotton?

  13. I just stumbled over here from Shannon's blog, and I love what I see. I'm subscribing and can't wait to look around some more. I love your eye for color!

  14. I've been working on 2 red & white, hand pieced quilts since last summer. One is a series of 6" blocks for each state with red fabric bought in that state. The other is a HST made with all the leftovers.

  15. Love your little embroidered wheel. Putting in those yellow strips was a brilliant idea.

  16. Well Seuss, keep it up - Seussville is fun just like your sewings. To answer your question, yes, I am inspired to make a red and white quilt..... have even bought a yard of red and a yard of white. Have an idea..... just not sure if I have the talent to convert idea to fabric.... sew we go....

  17. inspired? oh yeah. maybe overinspired! i just viewed your slideshow. WOW.

  18. The red and white is lovely - thanks for shering the quilt with us :-)

  19. I have wanted to make a red and white quilt for a long time...such a classic.

  20. I started ittttttt... a blue and white quilt...will post some pics on nycmetromod...its all your fault...smiles


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