Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday in Philly

 My best friend from High school came to visit me this week with her eldest daughter, 
so we have been BUSY around here!  We SHOPPED, as only a 17year old can do, ate great food, 
went to a show, and then Saturday we drove to Philly for the day. I had only been once before
to the Museum of art, and decided we needed a closer look at the city of brotherly love...

It was 60 degrees, GORGEOUS, and we walked til our feet and backs couldn't take
it anymore,
then we hopped a double decker tourist bus
and just soaked up the sun...

We popped into the Quaker meeting house, and they had a few things on display..I thought
this was pretty funny(above) just a chard of a quilt of William Penn... 
What happened to the rest of it? LOL!

 They also had this LOVELY QUAKER signature quilt from 1844... 
I'm curious how they wrote their names on as they were still clear as a bell.

 I LOVE IT... the fabrics were gorgeous... I want a signature quilt...

Wanna help me make one?
Send me any design of  6.5 " block 
using any combo's of
with your 
signature, city and state/country on it.

email me and I will send you my address...

A blogger signature quilt...  how fun!

Check out the sashing they used... very cool...

 Before we left Philly we had  to stop in at THE FRANKLIN FOUNTAIN... oh my...

 homemade ice cream, sodas, phosphates, milkshakes and egg-creams!!  

 and let's not forget to mention... candies that I haven't seen since I was a kid,
like candy cigarettes, bubble gum cigars, cloves gum,
chicklets and ABBA ZABA!  
All you peanut butter lovers may recall those!

They even USE an old fashioned telephone, 
(and I don't mean a dial telephone you youngsters!)
I mean one where you pick up the end and put it to your ear, and 
talk into the bit that comes from the wall...
But the one thing that sent me over the moon was STRAWBERRY NESBITTS.
I still get cravings for this soda... My all time favorite thing as a kid...
I bought three bottles, but I think another drive of 100 miles to get more, will be worth it....

What was your favorite candy as a kid that you haven't seen in ages?


  1. It use to be WOnkas Bottlecaps. I could only find them at a specialty store in Canada but now they seem to be almost anywhere. I still love dots and pixie sticks. I can only find dots usually in PA.

  2. Wonderful pictures! You might try the Vermont Country Store to see if you can mail/online order your sodas. They have just about EVERYTHING, and will try and find it if they don't! I got my father-in-law Sen-Sen from them.

  3. The penmanship back then was spectacular. Gorgeous quilt.

  4. What a fun place for a visit, love those quilts.
    We did a sig block in our group, still need to make it into something;)


  5. I think I need to go to Philly with you!! When you make the trip to get some Nesbitts, give me a call! Yes, you will have a 6.5 inch block heading your way from CT!! Can't wait to see where you get them from. Love the Quaker Quilt. What terrific condition it is in too! Okay, my favorite candy as a kid... hmmm.... I really liked Hershey's kisses. My grandmother always had them in a bowl on her coffee table.

  6. What are NY Egg Creams?!?!

    I got those little Hershey's kisses in my Christmas stocking. That was my favorite candy as a kid. Snickers and M&M's, too.

    Is there a deadline set for the 6.5 inch signature blocks?

  7. Those Fountain Prices were pretty high ... not what I paid for a chocolate egg cream as a kid growing up in Brooklyn in the 50s! Back then I loved candy buttons & wax bottles filled with ???
    (Bite off the cap ... drink 'em & chew 'em!)
    One signature block will be coming your way asap.

  8. OMG! It was Black Jack gum. My grandfather used to have that all the time and would give me a stick to chew. it turned your tongue black!

    And in New Orleans we had Barq's Cream Soda. And Barq's Beer, which was root beer.

    And those wax bottles of colored sugar water and big fat wax red lips! LOL.

    glen: a block for you, my dear!

  9. I loved those gel-like candies that were wrapped in a rice paper that you could eat the paper too....they came in a little box and on one end of the box was a compartment with a little toy in it! I don't see them anymore. And I loved Big Hunk nougat would last forever! Yum!

    That quilt is gorgeous....and isn't their handwriting lovely!

  10. Funny, I didn't like candy when I was a kid, but I am making up for it now with my dark chocolate obsession. But I was hooked on Nesbitt's Orange.

    I have jury duty this week, so I will be handpiecing a signature block for you in court.

  11. Beautiful! I saw this quilt the last time I was in Philadelphia on business and I drug all the guys with me. Even THEY were impressed. My favorite candy when I needed a chocolate fix was Sky Bars and for flat out sugar it was lemon drops...yum! I just finished a siggy quilt for a co-worker and a good tip is to iron freezer paper on the square you are going to write on. The pen will write smoothly and not bleed.

  12. It looks like you had a great day. My fav candy as a kid was sponge toffee, just like the center of a Crunchy Bar. I remember it costing 5 cents and it was wrapped in clear cellophane, no writing on it, just that golden crunchy, melt in your mouth goodness. I bet if I bit into one today I wouldn't be saying that!
    I'll make you a siggy block.

  13. My favourite candy was coconut tobacco...came in a waxed packet just like the real thing, but tasted better! Barley sugar twists filled with chocolate were good too...10" long and lasted for ages. Did you have them in the US?
    I love the rabbit pattern and have sketched him out for later use! Will send you a block too...have your address!

  14. i loved Charlestown Chews...i see them around...but i rarely ever buy them...

  15. love that signature quilt, ah yes when you see antique quilts like that doesn't it make you look at fabric differently great sashing fabric! I am always on the hunt for great sashing fabric.
    glad you had fun in Philly
    never had that kind of soda, will have to give it a try!
    favorite candy as a kid?
    hmmmm maryjanes came to mind, red hot dollars, hershey bars and I loved egg creams we had a neighborhood store that had a soda fountain, ah memories!
    penny candy and 5cents for a hershey bar and I am not that old!

  16. Do you want a signature from Germany too ?

  17. A walk down candy memory lane - loved penny candy, there was a store I could walk to, which I did a lot! Loved Bonomo Turkish Taffy, wouldn't dare eat it now! Also loved Nut Goodie bars - a Minnesota classic, you can still get them there - deliciousness!

  18. I wonder if we were not allowed candy when I was a kid (seems very unlikely) - I don't remember having a favorite. Maybe just a simple Hershey's bar? I do remember the wintergreen mints my grandmother kept in a tin being a special treat.

    If I'm not mistaken, they used India ink to sign quilts centuries ago. Don't want to make a mistake with that stuff!


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