Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I learned something

 After sitting and sewing boring SLEEVES on quilts all day yesterday, I ended my day 
by delivering the CLOUD quilt to it's new owner.... 
It was a CLOUDY dreary day, but as I reached Central Park
I was SURPRISED to see Daffodils blooming!
 It was VERY hard to take a decent Photograph of it all completed... It was so dark in my studio...
They Loved it, and where working on the nursery that this quilt will live...
Sweet dreams wee babe!

SO, Do you wan to know a very important thing I learned yesterday?

This is very important...

When you go on VACATION, DO NOT, I repeat, 
DO NOT clean your studio before you leave...

You will completely forget WHERE you put things,
And will have to RE-MESS UP your studio in order to find the one project you 
were eagerly working on before you left.


I'm not kidding. 
(how do I keep my head screwed on sometimes?)

 That  stressed me out to no end... 
I ran sacked my studio looking for this project that I started ,
and Today, I have my best friend from MN and her graduating Daughter, 
coming to visit and my studio 
looks like A Tornado went through it...

By the way, I am taking the to Philadelphia on Saturday, 
anyone recommend things a teenager might enjoy seeing? 
Also any SUPER GREAT RESTAURANTS we could have lunch?

BUT! The good news is, I found my project...

I can't seem to find anything these days nor keep track of anything..

Is that what happens when you go beyond the age of 40?
LOL. And by that I mean, 
 Not Lots of laughter...

But your laughing aren't you?

So. Back to where I was... 
I found my project, yet, today, I am working on

 This sweet piece...   Margaret made the piece on the wall, 
and I asked her if I could add on to it.
I am loving all the blue and orange together... I hope she does too!
We've had a series of round robins going at our MOD group, and they have been great
fun seeing the ideas churn each time one is presented... I highly recommend trying it.

See what Andrea did to David's quilt....
David Made the bottom part that looks like a city scape at night... Andrea snatched it up, 
and get this, her second time paper piecing, 
made the TOP arc of color.... 
Didn't she rock it out?  It reminded her of a church window,
so that was her inspiration...
You can see DAVID had to pick his chin up off the floor... ;-)

I know I already posted that pic, but I had to explain.. It was so precious...

So go play!
Find someone to sew and play with!

Have you ever done a round robin, 
or added your two cents to some one's quilt?

It makes inspiration sparks fly!


  1. First of all I can't believe that the daffodils are blooming in NYC!! Yes, I know what you mean about cleaning up before you go away. I have done that too and it takes a little while to recup! But you do! Have a great time with your friend and daughter. I know you will.

  2. Designer tip - if you do not need to hang a quilt for long.. glue works REALLY well..

    We've had Daffs for about 2 weeks.. my mini's by the door popped a month ago.. i want spring.. i want it NOW..

    ps... your brain is normal.. cuz if it were not then neither would be mine... wink!

  3. Love the round robin idea - going to suggest it to my group, and I'll start it!

  4. Love it when the flowers start blooming, just perks up my mood. My machine is getting fixed today, so I can finally start sewing again.


  5. Great post. Yes, when I clean up my place for company I can't find things for weeks. Same in the studio. You've inspired me to play a bit, I'll post later this week. I've got some great inspiration for your last few posts. Clouds looks AMAZING, what a great job!

  6. Great post. I love the Cloud quilt, I'm sure it's a hit with the expectant parents.

    If the teenager likes art and fashion, the Roberto Capucci exhibit is going on at the art museum. My daughter also likes the National Constitution Center.

  7. You are way too young to be forgetting! I hate it. Love the Cloud quilt. I really like the way you used the white to highlight the stars.

  8. Are you kidding? I don't even have to be going on vacation and I can't find anything after I clean up the studio. I bought a bunch of fabric for a new project and it just disappeared. I know it will turn up sometime. Maybe it is just hiding from me, waiting for me to get a better idea. hehehe.

  9. Once heard the saying "A clean car is the sign of a sick mind" I must be a very sane quilter! ;-))

    Have changed my mind about round robins. Avoided them for years, now I love them!

  10. LOVE, love, love the Cloud Quilt!

  11. Forgetting stuff is not coz you're getting old, but because you do 50 things at once! Those two collaboration quilts are very is 'clouds' could they fail to love it?

  12. Once again...that picture of David made my day! I really didn't see his reaction because I was so busy showing and sharing.

    When I was working on it, I must have spent 30 minutes looking for two specific fat quarters because I had cleaned them up and put them away...somewhere! FRUSTRATED!

    Have so much fun playing the next few days! Wahooooo Philly!

  13. Definitely go to the Art Museum, you will not be disappointed! There is a Cuban restaurant in Old City that is really good...can't remember the name will see if I can find it.

  14. I'm laughing V cause I know exactly how that goes, cause if you didn't laugh you would have to cry!!! Gorgeous quilts here again, love David and Andreas quilt and that cloud quilt is gorgeous, fabulous quilting on that. xo

  15. It's not that you are losing your mind...I don't even know you...and you "look" VERY BEEEZEEE! You just probably get on "overload" sometimes. =D


  16. Ohhh daffodils...someday we might see some here in the cold white north. Our snow is finally (finally!) starting to melt. It's messy out there, but I don't care. Bring on the sunshine!

    You're a funny girl - I sometimes misplace things I'm working on too. And, yes, it tends to happen after I've "cleaned up" my mess. I'm still missing the November block from a calendar quilt I started two years ago!

    I just bet they loved the cloud quilt! I do too ;)

  17. Your "Cloud" looks great. So glad they loved it. Welcome to the zany club. At least in your 50's, you don't care anymore if you can remember anything. It gets better!

  18. In Philadelphia, I would recommend The Mutter Museum, It's a small museum of medical oddities and is interesting and weird. The Spool Quilt Shop is also good to visit, of course.

  19. Love that gorgeous cloud quilt... it's a perfect match with a cloudy spring day. I thought a clean studio was the sign of a broken sewing machine ;-) but I love seeing what you -and others- are collaborating on... fun fun fun!

  20. The Cloud is so sweet. Thanks for explaining Andrea's great addition to Dave's quilt - it's fabulous! And when you have a spare minute sometime we can do a round robin - okay?

  21. Love seeing the daffodils. Your quilts are beautiful. Btw, what foot do you use to piece with on your Juki?
    I like visiting your blog!

  22. Hiya, I live right across the river on the Jersey side, and although I cant say what a teen may like there is an Ikea in South Philly, there is of course Jims Steaks Philly cheese steaks, there is the Old City Tavern and there is Dave and Busters which is always fun to eat and drink and play!!!

  23. Oh yeah if you want to cross over the river we have a great quilt shop in a very quaint little town called Haddonfield check it out !!

  24. Very busy tme of the year , fresh quilts for spring .The garden,blog browsing for ideas .

    I notice you have a Juki sewing machine Victoria . I,d love your opinion of it . I was talking to my s/m man , he said ,"made in China " difficult if you need a new part . --cottonreel

  25. oh the baby quilt is adorable, how could they not love it! I need to see daffodils too, they are slowly coming up! OMG she rocked it , love that! Love his expression.
    have fun in Philly
    we are members of the art museum it is worth going

  26. Yes, I'm loving the blue & orange & carefully checking out what's visible next to your machine ... & imagining & waiting for a reveal!

  27. But your laughing aren't you?

    Yep, I am laughing and I am also WAY beyond 40... it only gets better LOL.... then you show a picture that ummm is out of focus and guess what else goes kaput after 40.... the e..... sew it is time to go sew.....

  28. I love that red/white quilt! It's inspiring. Glad you posted the word "inspiring" on your blog! I'm just starting to write an article for our quilt guild newsletter on the very word. I find much inspiration reading your blog! And plan to write about the red/white quilt show. :) I love the city scape quilt at the end...oh how I wish we had a mod quilt group in my area...we are considering starting one!

    I think sometimes certain personalities just work better in the "mess"...know where everything is even when it seems like a tornado hit!

    Happy Spring!

  29. those daffodils are a welcome shot of color and life. woohoo, spring! Cloud is gorgeous. I lose things all the time. can never find anything. and yes, it does seem to just get worse and worse. sigh.


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