Saturday, January 15, 2011


 We're back at our house, and guess what we were greeted with? NO HEAT!!!
It was 39 degrees in the house last night... We dug two space heaters out, one 
for each bedroom, and then we all huddled around the fireplace 
with all our clothes, hoodies, and bathrobes on....
Yes, this is Boo sitting on TOP of the Space heater this morning...
NO, it's not on.. she had turned it off, and it was warm enough to crawl around on...
She said it's her new best friend...
I am sitting on the ledge of the fireplace...If I could crawl in I would..

I'm having flashbacks of growing up in MN and the COLD COLD winters... 
(that's me on the back...circa nineteen seventy...something)


 I cleaned my flat surfaces in the studio yesterday, and found these JP scraps, 
and had to take a minute to play with them...  They are so enticing!

I think I should just chop up all my yardage, and just dive in... 
 I might not ever come up for air...
 The fuel truck is making a third attempt at getting the truck into our yard... cross your fingers... 
Right now my fingers are warming from the heat of the keyboard...
These are some wicked looking icicles aren't they.... Pointy witchy fingers...
My studio is downstairs and is very bright and sunny... SUN = WARM
I managed to sew a little this a.m. already adding that final dark border 
around this already king size quilt...


Heidi asked, very comically, if the quilt for our school librarian 
(yesterday's post)
was king size...  NO IT'S NOT!!!   Can you believe it! Gasp!
it's aprox 50" X 50" or so... guessing...
I look forward to quilting it... 
I think I will QUILT in the letters for R  E  A  D  in the red squares...
We'll see what inspires me when I start quilting it...

I heard yesterday that 65% of the US is covered in snow....
Sorry, I can't stay focused...  quilts, snow, quilts, snow....

My brain is frozen... 
gotta go hug the fireplace now...

** Now after three more attempts this morning, 
the fuel truck is stuck in a
snow bank
on our driveway... 
He didn't get to our house... still no heat...


  1. poor thing. A few years ago we lost our electricity for 7 days after an ice storm in January. I feel for you!! Hang in there.The faster you sew, the warmer you'll be, I'm sure!!

  2. Thank goodness there weren't frozen pipes to join in! we had -9 temp here earlier this week and had the fun of dealing with that! Good Luck!

  3. fingers crossed on the fuel truck! We had to add to the tanks in Vermont three days ago and had to get the plow there FIRST! I heard that the ONLY state that didn't get snow was FLORIDA. The others all got snow somewhere in the state. INCLUDING Hawaii!

  4. If I had to be without heat I would want to be "stranded" with a quilter. Lots of quilts! Stay warm. Make some rice (or you can use buckwheat) bags that you put in the microwave. Not only are they good for warmth but they're wonderful for achey muscles.

  5. Hope you get your heat back soon! I love those little oilheaters (electric but they are oilfilled). We have a couple exactly the same and they do so well! (especially if you are close or indeed on top of them:-) Love that new quilt you are doing again. I seem to love everything you make, I know but that only illustrates you are very good a shapes and colours! Take care and keep warm xx

  6. I know what you are going through! We are in and out of our house where the HVAC is out of commission. It get's crazy cold in there! The space heaters are a life saver. Of course we can retreat to the hotel we've been in for the past 2 weeks to warm up. Hoping you get fuel and a warm house soon. In the meantime pile up your quilts on top of you near (but not too near) the fireplace. Take care.

  7. Don't forget to allow a drip out of your faucets...keeps the water moving so your pipes don't freeze. That could be a financial disaster.
    Have a nice hot cuppa - helps warm from the inside out and wear layers of clothing. I used to live in MN also, and while we were only there for 2 years we had -60 degrees one night... It was so cold that the official temperature measuring device broke at -60. So it could have been colder.
    Sending you some CA sunshine.

  8. Can you imagine a hiney so tiny it can sit cozily on a space heater? lol....gotta love Beatrice for finding the perfect spot.
    Wishing you warmth.

  9. Look on the bright side. Frozen meat keeps forever. Actually you are not getting any older this weekend!
    (Think I'll sleep outside tonight)

  10. Brrr.. I am cold even with the heat on! Keep quilting!! Stay warm..
    keep cutting that fabric and your hands moving on the machine.

  11. Oh my - I don't like being cold. Hope you have heat now. Love the B photo. And especially love the photo of you on the snowmobile! You newest quilt is more awesome with every piece!

  12. Dang, that sounds rough! When I think our house feels cold, I will remember that at least our furnace is running. Hope things are warming up by now. Enjoy soaking up that sun in your studio!

    Those icicles are gorgeous - really do look like witch's fingers!

  13. i feel your pain! well, i have heat in my house, but it was -22 on Fri. so the kids had a late start. it's no surprise that this weekend i'm knitting socks and mittens....and quilting in between! :) at least all my hobbies are oh-so-practical!!! stay warm, my friend.


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