Monday, September 20, 2010

sewing on and on...

One down, and one to go! Remember these two quilts from the Summer time?
Well, I got this one above, bound last night, and have one more to bind...

The binding is sewn on, I just need to hand finish it.  I've been dying got have some finishes lately, other than the BASICS QUILTS...  

Just a reminder, THE BASICS QUILT DRIVE, is an ONGOING project, 
you can send quilts WHENEVER you like... (TO BASICS)
there is no deadline...  
Just note that they are for COMPLETED QUILTS ONLY, 
and I am not able to take any more tops to finish at this time...

Please visit the site for more info on the Quilts, where to send and updates on the raffles...

You are all so appreciated!

Still playing with a few of these guys....

Salivating over these, trying to decide what should become of them...

Here's a few NYC pics for you...  
We had a BOAT trip with the Chinese officials from CHINA, for Children Adopted from China this weekend...  All the officials from the different provinces in China who help make the matches, and sift through all the paperwork that goes into adopting and making it all happen for us families, came to visit us all and out children. It was an honor and great fun to take a trip around NYC by water, showing them the sites of our city...

Boo enjoyed the children's TWEEN games, which included, MINUTE TO WIN IT sort of challenges...
She came home with a large bag of candy, and the honor of being great at "bounce the ping pong ball into a tic tac toe line" sort of game...  ;-)  
The weather was wonderful Sunday, and the walk back from the piers,  to our loft, took us through the TOM OTTERNESS playground and the flea market around the corner from our  place...  Fun to stroll through.... 

And, not matter how many times I see the Statue of liberty, I still get a little awe struck by her...

Happy Sewing!


  1. The finishes are wonderful, I LOVE the first one! And the fabric needs a drool alert! LOL Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. Sunny skies always make for happy days. Love both quilts you're binding but I have a special fondness for circles. :o) Looking forward to seeing what Jennifer's fabrics decide to become.

  3. Ack... How did I miss those lovely quilty beauties!! Love them. Doesn't it feel great to have them bound?? What a great day you had for a boat cruise. I have always wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island... someday.

  4. Yes, the Statue of Liberty is something (or someone!) I would dearly love to see myself. I think it's hard to imagine how tall it is from pictures. She looks so proud and true,I'm sure she must make you feel very proud too.

  5. Those two quilts are even more beautiful finished - those sisters had better be pleased!

  6. I loved Ellis Island when we saw it in 2001 (July) I wish I could have seen more of the city that visit but we were only there one day! I think that park would be a great site to see as well, it looks so cute.
    Love the quilts.

  7. I've been in San Diego and literally woke this morning and thought, "Wonder what I'm missing over at Bumblebeans". It's 6 am here and the only light is from my computer screen in the hotel room. Not only do I enjoy the quilts, but dying to see the loft transformation. Glad I came to visit. Everything looks great!

  8. What a beautiful blue sky!
    There is really nothing like NYC.

    Love the colors of your new've been busy!

    Happy Sewing

  9. I'm glad for the reminder that the BASICS quilt gather is an ongoing project. I'm sending a quilt to a shelter in CA but after that I can probably put together more for BASICS.

    Started my Sketchbook Project journal this weekend!

  10. You are such a busy bee!I know what you mean about needing some finishes. Your quilts are wonderful!I'm impressed you manage to get so many done! Thanks for the New York shots, it really is an amazing city!!

  11. WOW! The quilts look GREAT and it looks like you had beautiful weather for the boat ride. The playground is wonderful...I need to put that on my list the next time I'm in NYC!

  12. Wow..I really like the finishes! Mostly the first one! Beautiful choise of colors! I can't remind me having seen that pattern befor. What is it called?

  13. The quilts are gorgeous! Love those circles:)
    I have Poodle sitting on my table right now, too. She's got the greatest colors.


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