Saturday, September 18, 2010


The last batch...
This is it!  I have  three TEN tops left to put together for the BASICS HOUSE BLOCK GATHER!
(I just found a whole other lot of them!)
All those lovely houses you all sent me! 
All 550 of them,  have made it into, 60 quilts...
60!!!! I can't believe I go them all together! 
These sweet blocks are all going into one quilt...  If I kept breaking them down into 6 blocks per quilt, I probably could make another 15 quilts. But I think, we've got them all covered for the Fundraisers...


Don't forget!  We will be have a distribution day event with the families in NOVEMBER with all the quilts you all have sent in.

I am so deeply touched by every one's generosity for this project...  
Who knew this project would grow as big as it did... I so thank you all!

Time for a little hand sewing by the fire... fall is here!
Warm with that crisp chill in the air!

As we drove through QUEENS NEW YORK last night to our house on long island, we were so surprised by the damage our Thursday night storm caused... 
EVERY TREE was up rooted, branches on houses, branches in streets.
One woman pulled over to the side of the Long island express way, and a tree fell on her car...
It came out of no where, I was out walking our dogs, and all of a sudden the sky just lit up, 
Lightening like I had never seen in NYC....very scary.

The end of my Harvest
We arrived at our house and found out we had no hot water...
Oh well... It was so nice to get here and relax. It has been a very busy week...
all the loft work, washing machines breaking down, school, homework...

Time to sit in the sun and put the feet up!
hmmmm, But then that gives me ideas... I see a quilt here.... 
Love the shadows and the white on white...

Jenny Egg is enjoying chasing falling acorns and chewing them up...
Kia, I think, has a better idea... snuggle up and take a nap...


  1. Do you ever sleep? Love your quilts and pictures, looking forward to your visit to the NW in November. Bring some tops. They are smaller and easier to pack that quilts.

  2. This has been one incredible project headed by one amazing and generous lady! :o) And you've certainly had a terrific supporting cast.

  3. You have been a great motivating force! Congrats on pulling off such an ambitious endeavor! Enjoy the time sitting in the sun (I'm on my porch right now, looking out over the Blue Ridge Mountains as they start their transformation from green to autumnal). Who needs hot water from a tap when you have a stove or fireplace to heat it on/in? (for a few days, anyway)

  4. You've come a long way baby! The house quilts just keep looking better all the time! You are so generous with your time.

  5. sounds like you are very busy between working on all your quilts and having your loft redone and now clean up of your second home - I had heard of the storms in NYC and wondered how you came through.

  6. 60 quilts! Wow! What a huge project!!! I am always in awe when I read about all the projects you are working on. Hey, I recognized one of my blocks in that quilt :))

    You are an inspiration! Take care,

  7. YAY!!!!!!! congrats on 60! You're a machine!!!!! Go Victoria!!

    hugs right back ;)


  8. Wow, this last quilt is amazing! Good for you for accomplishing all that hard work! Your week sounds quite busy, so I love Kia's idea to just curl up and take a nap. Enjoy your harvest!

  9. It amazes me what one determined
    ambitious lady can accomplish!
    My hat is off to you V. for a job well done!
    May all the goodness you have done come back to you a hundred fold.

    Happy Sewing

  10. Wow! So many quilts! I am so excited to see my blocks being used!! You are amazing to get all of this done!

  11. you have done such an amazing, generous amount of work on these quilts. congrats. that storm sounds scary! glad you're all safe.

  12. I love that purple house quilt! Do you have a link to the block pattern?

    Your site is lovely and I would really like to hear you blog more on how you approach and work through each quilt.



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