Monday, July 19, 2010


I decided Friday, I needed a,
I started quilting my Liberated Amish Quilt... So far so good.
What a weekend! busy busy busy...

Saturday, I worked feverishly on the BASICS quilts to get them
off to the Fab folks who are quilting them for me.
Linda of Cottage garden quilts
and Jackie of Canon Village Quilt Works.
I got 15 tops and backing done, on Saturday alone.
Here's a few of them...

Jackie and her family came over Sunday for the day,
she hand delivered my fabric order, and then she took half of these quilts
home with her, to quilt.

Gotta love that!
and the other half
are on their way to Ohio to Linda.
Thanks ladies!
Once I get these back I think I have 6 more to put together for the 40 quilts
for the two fall fundraisers
Sept 2nd and October 29.

BY the way, we are getting near 100 Quilts...
Get your donations in! the next raffle at 100 quilts, is
a $100 long arm service from LINDA!

Please if you can give one quilt, any size,
it will make a world of difference to someone who has nothing.
And also,
Nov 11, will be the

And I would REALLY like to have 200 quilts for them to hand out that day
AND be able to give that sewing machine away to one of you!

So please spread the word, if you can,
to help.


  1. You are so creative. These are all beautiful!

  2. This is a wonderful group of giving ladies!!!

  3. We all had a great day Sunday and it was good to see you! I have the box of quilts all ready to go and get back to you!! This is truly a wonderful effort. Thank you for such a wonderful visit and also for celebrating National Ice Cream Day with us!! YUM!!

  4. I have got 3 more quilts for you, but they are still in need of the binding - I am working on it!! It's so good to see your finished quilts - and should get me off my ...

  5. Hi Victoria - so good to see the number of quilts multiplying! Heading up to 100, and that's halfway!! Fabulous... Kathleen

  6. I'me getting together the top at the moment and will get it off to you as soon as I can.

    Do you want any more?

  7. The Amish challenge quilt---I love the quilting you are doing. The fabric you bought was great. The ocean look great. The BASICS quilts look great. Any thing else---no, its all great. Bonnie


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