Tuesday, July 13, 2010


hmmmm, the start of something new?
I don't need to start anything new.
But I had one of those moments, when I was working and
someone flipped on my brain with a switch and there it was...
I had to stop what I was doing and I took 15-20 minutes to take it out of my head...
now there it sits...

I have four things on my design wall right now...
The scrappy stars below.
a pink green girls quilt...
a purple and green girls quilt

a scrappy collision of fabrics and quilters...

If you take
Kathie of Inspired by antique Quilts,

Karen of the selvage Quilter

and a BASICS house block or two...

Can you imagine what Kind of a quilt it will be?

FUN. that is for sure...
Karen, and Kathie both gave me some blocks
that I could put my touches into it and
play with to make
a donation quilt for BASICS....
It will be one of the "Special" quilts for the auction...


I've had a few questions lately about what kind of camera
do I use.. since I have many bright happy pics on my blog.
Actually my camera is not all that great...It's ok.

It's a 8.o mega pixel
Canon Powershot pro 1
Which I have dropped several times, and the body
is all bent and sticking up on it...

The Key to good photos,
is to shoot without the flash

Or if you don't have daylight,

I often shoot things in the pitch dark with a flash.
(this above was taken today, it's dark and rainy.)
It needs the color boosted a bit, and adjusted to get true white
in the background.

This can be fixed with a good photo program...

The Second KEY to good photos.
no matter what kind of camera you have.

Is a good PHOTO program that you load your photos into.

One that let's you adjust the warm and cool colors
in your images...
For instance,

the above photo was taken on a rainy day today,
with a flash and overhead lights.
bad idea.

because of the over head lights I get a bright washout.
But I can still go in to my photo program,
kill the yellow from the overhead lights.
and quite nearly make it look like a day light photo...
push your saturation just a tad to perk up the colors
add a little contrast

Taking the pic I shot in the dark,

Adjust the blue/yellow...
this above looks a little blue to me.
punch the saturation, and make sure it look as it does when
I am standing in front of the quilt just looking at it...

Check for a true white in your images.
in this case I was really looking at the wall.
It's neither blue tint or yellow tint...

I takes some practice, but you can make your photos look as they
I don't do this every time, but nearly. I find most camera shoot dark.
So usually I will at least go in and lighten them up...

Hope I didn't confuse anyone! ;-)


  1. Great sawtooth, that is my goal for my 15 minutes tomorrow. Does your 15 minutes end up being all afternoon!

  2. LOVE the collaboration of solid patches, strings and houses. This will be one colorful and fantastic quilt.

  3. Not playing with scraps...yet. Thanks for the photo tips - I need all the help I can get.

  4. that would be one bright quilt! LOL fun to see the blocks all together!

    thanks for the camera tips...
    I think I need a new camera :)

  5. Hmmmm. Interesting to see it will become.

    My camera is on the way out and I'm lusting after a Panasonic Lumix with zoom x 10 and 12 something megapixels. A girl can dream!

    I <3 Picasa.

  6. I don't need to start anything new, either, but that didn't stop me! Thanx for the photo tips. I need all the help I can get -- I could win the award for the world's worst photographer!

  7. You know, I've been trying to shoot my quilting photos in the daylight more often now. It's hard, because mostly I only quilt at night after the kids are in bed, but I end up with the flash and lights overkill. I never thought about shooting in complete dark with the flash. I'll have to try that when daylight isn't an option. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Thanks for the tips. I sure could use them! Never thought about shooting it in the dark.......


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